Wilo discusses the future of pumps technology for water management at WETEX 2023

Wilo Middle East, the leading pump manufacturer and digital pioneer of the pumps industry in the Middle East, is participating at the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2023 to showcase its dynamic lineup of cutting-edge products and discuss new solutions for water management.

Wilo unveiled a dynamic array of state-of-the-art products, including Wilo-EMUport CORE, Wilo-Atmos GIGA N, Wilo-ZETOS, Wilo-SCP, Wilo-Rexa SOLID Q with Nexos Intelligence, and Wilo-COR 2 Helix V at the event. These solutions ensure efficiency and sustainability, actively contributing to water conservation initiatives and aligning with Dubai’s vision for a sustainable future.

The company’s participation in the exhibition, organized by DEWA at the German Pavilion from November 15 to 17, demonstrates its commitment to driving technological innovation in pumping solutions for water supply and sewage disposal. Wilo will also lead a seminar at the WETEX 2023 Water Seminar on November 16 with Daniel Busuioc, Head of Global Account Management at Wilo, spearheading discussions on ‘Wilo Intelligent Technology for Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability in Wastewater Pumping.’ The session will significantly contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding sustainable water practices.

As the world grapples with water scarcity, the need for intelligent pumping solutions has never been more crucial. According to recent statistics, the demand for efficient water management solutions has risen by 20 per cent in the last year alone. Globally, 2 billion people, or 26 per cent of the population, do not have safe drinking water, and 3.6 billion, which is 46 per cent, lack access to safely managed sanitation.

Yasser Nagi, Group Director Wilo Middle East & North Africa & Managing Director of UAE, said: “We are pleased to participate at the WETEX as it provides us with an important platform to showcase our innovative sustainable water solutions. Our offerings not only align with the UAE’s visionary goals but also address the urgent needs of today’s market. In light of the ongoing water crisis, Wilo is dedicated to leading transformative change, offering intelligent solutions that actively contribute to water conservation and overall sustainability. From the cutting-edge engineering of the Wilo-EMUport CORE to the data-driven efficiency of the Wilo-Rexa SOLID Q with Nexos Intelligence, our exhibits highlight our dedication to integrating technical innovation with sustainability.”

Fouad Ahmed, Regional Marketing Manager Middle East & North Africa said “Participation at WETEX is paramount for Wilo, especially in this milestone year for the UAE as it hosts COP28. It is a pivotal moment for us to showcase our sustainability strategies to a diverse audience, including government and private sector stakeholders. Through the integration of smart technologies into our pump systems, we aim not only to address the pressing challenges faced by our clients but also to play a crucial role in building a resource-efficient and sustainable future for the water and energy sectors. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns seamlessly with the global dialogue on climate action, and we are excited to contribute meaningfully to this discourse at WETEX.”

WETEX is a cornerstone event on the global sustainability calendar and one of the world’s largest gatherings for energy, water, green development, sustainability, and related sectors. The exhibition provides a crucial platform for industry leaders to showcase innovations, exchange ideas, and collaboratively shape the future of sustainable practices. Being at the forefront of technological innovation in the pumps industry, Wilo seizes the opportunity to highlight significant issues and present solutions as the world strives towards a future characterized by clean and safe water.

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