World Oceans Day Gap UAE Integrates Conservative Environmental Practices with Sustainable Range – ‘Generation Good’

Gap UAE, the much-loved clothing brand for families, continues to champion environmental protection by highlighting five crucial ethical pillars, put into practice with the development of GENERATION GOOD: lower water consumption, less waste, lower emissions, better materials and ethical standards for workers.

“Gap was founded with the mission to do more than sell clothes,” says Mary Alderete, global head of Gap marketing. “GENERATION GOOD reflects this ideal that we can all be our true selves and move things forward by being a force for good. It takes a collective to change the world and that’s exactly what GENERATION GOOD is up to.”

In 2018, Gap pledged to save over 10 billion litres of water in manufacturing, which was fulfilled in the first quarter of 2020 through product innovation and strategic business partnerships. Via their resource-efficiency programs, they collaborate with strategic mills and laundries to significantly reduce their water impact.

GENERATION GOOD also manifests itself as a namesake collection of Gap’s most sustainable essentials to date. Made of organic and recycled fabrications for all generations, GENERATION GOOD redefines new product icons that check all the boxes on Gap’s Good List: reduced waste, water and emissions, better materials used and support for workers.

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