YSL Beauté is proud to introduce Y LIVE,

the newest, EAU DE TOILETTE INTENSE to complete the original Y fragrance range between EAU DE TOILETTE and EAU DE PARFUM.

Inspired by a man on the brink of discovery – a man on the edge of success, Y LIVE, much like the classic EAU DE TOILETTE and the EAU DE PARFUM before it – is a Fougere fragrance which sits somewhere between the freshness and the intensity.

Y LIVE is a unique scent for a man close to the achievement of his path of self-discovery, and in turn is an elegant demonstration of the Y family’s creative, innovative spirit.

The path to success, after all, always starts with a question: when we ask ourselves, why?

Conceived for a self-made creative on the brink of success, Y LIVE is the olfactive embodiment of a man who is not afraid to take risks and to make life-changing leaps of faith.

This is a fragrance which encapsulates the sense of thrill before the performance – and, perhaps most importantly, living for that thrill.

The blood pumping in your mouth and in your ears. The adrenaline before a big moment.


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