You can transfer Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos now

If you have a treasure trove of memories on Facebook and want them to live elsewhere, today’s a great day for you.

Facebook announced Thursday that a data transfer tool it’s been gradually rolling out in some countries since December is out in the United States and Canada now. Put simply, it’s a way to transfer all of your photos and videos on Facebook to Google Photos, where they will live happily and have plenty of room to run around.

In other words, If you’ve been meaning to get rid of Facebook but didn’t want to lose your precious memories, this is a way to keep them around.

The process is pretty simple: Go to your Facebook settings and click on “Your Facebook Information” on the left side of the screen. There should be an option to transfer copies of your photos and videos to an external source. Enter your Facebook password before choosing a destination, which right now is a choice between Google and Google.

It’s not tough to imagine companies like Apple or Microsoft allowing Facebook users to transfer photos to their respective cloud services down the line. But for now, Google is the only option, and obviously you’ll need to connect your Google account to Facebook to make it work. If that’s not a huge problem in your eyes, you might as well go back up your stuff now.

If nothing else, it’ll give you another way to look at all the embarrassing photos you posted in 2007.

Source: Mashable

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