You have to do this while the weather is a joy | Late Breakfast Affair at Boardwalk | Fri & Sat | AED 98

Located right on the water at the Dubai Creek Yacht Club, Boardwalk transports you to another world of majestic tranquility- it’s beautiful and there is nowhere in Dubai quite like it. Hence it’s 26 year longevity!

As the name suggests Late Breakfast Affair runs from 11.30am- 13.00pm on Friday & Saturday, so go ahead and silence that pesky alarm!

A Late Breakfast Affair

What’s included:

  • La Gamen Oysters
  • Avocado hummus with cheese croissant
  • Shakshuka eggs
  • Pineapple tarte tatin
  • Cup of tea or coffee

Price: AED 98

Additional: If you’re feeling fancy, go ahead and add free flowing mimosas for AED 98

Timings: Friday & Saturday |  11.30am- 13.00pm

Location: Boardwalk, Dubai Creek Yacht Club

To Book: Call 04 205 4647

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