Youngest COVID-19 Patient 4-Month-Old Baby Makes Full Recovery At Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai discharges its youngest patient to recover from COVID-19. The four- month old Egyptian baby girl has left the hospital with her parents after the third negative COVID 19 test.

A 4-month-old baby girl was admitted at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai third week of April, after being confirmed as COVID-19 positive. The parents took her for testing after the oldest 15-year-old son tested positive for COVID – 19. The baby was running a slight fever and started coughing, the same symptoms experienced by her 15-year-old bother. The mother, father and middle sibling all tested negative for the virus.

“We were really worried as baby T.M is only 4 months old and we knew she had to be placed in isolation. AL Zahra Hospital Dubai allowed me to stay with her and with my three-year old toddler at the hospital. It is a frightening thing for a parent to have their children infected with COVID 19. But the hospital staff has been very helpful in putting us at ease and supporting us through the recovery journey.” – The mother of the baby stated.


Dr. Yasser El Nakhlawi, American Board-Certified Pediatrics Consultant and the treating doctor of the patient said: “The baby came in with mild symptoms and remained in stable condition throughout her stay in the hospital. At the beginning of the outbreak, it seemed that the number of infected children was not high. However, we now see an increase in the number of children with COVID-19. At this point it is believed that children are at the same risk of acquiring the COVID-19 virus as adults, but luckily their symptoms are milder” he added.

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