Your Food Plan for 2020 – By Dr. Dana, nutritionist for India Gate, KRBL Ltd

As the New Year commences, good spirits and resolutions abound in equal measure.  People make resolutions to improve various aspects of their lives, the most common being those related to dieting, eating healthy and exercising. But keeping these resolutions are rather difficult, primarily because the resolutions aren’t feasible in the first place or because they aren’t incorporated smoothly into daily routines.

An effective way to stick to your resolve of eating healthy is to prepare a personalized ‘Food Plan’ that would set realistic goals and action steps.

To help you prepare your very own Food Plan, Dr. Dana Al-Hamwi of India Gate, a renowned dietician and nutritionist, shares insights gleaned from over 2 decades of experience and learning.

Please find attached the article titled ‘Your Food Plan for 2020’.

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