Your New Year Diet Plan. India Gate

While we can’t be happier to say goodbye to 2020, we have to admit that the year has taught us quite a few lessons, the most important being – valuing our health. So, as we move into the New Year hoping things will get better and back to normal we should not forget the importance of living a healthy life and eating the right food. Let’s resolve to eat healthy and exercise daily and most importantly stick to our resolution.

Dietary resolutions are difficult to maintain and the main reason for this is our diet plans are usually not feasible in the first place or aren’t incorporated smoothly into daily routines. A very effective way of doing so is to prepare a practical ‘Food Plan’. The intent is to create a personalised Food Plan that would set realistic goals and action steps, making it easier to stick to the prescribed diet and achieve health goals.

Dr. Dana Al-Hamwi of India Gate, a renowned dietician and nutritionist, shares insights gleaned from over 2 decades of experience and learning.

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