Youth Knowledge Forum discusses importance and role of Global Knowledge Index 2022

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) discussed the significance of the Global knowledge Index 2022 during the first session held on the second day of the Youth Knowledge Forum, organised in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The session also emphasised the key role of the MBRF in promoting knowledge, along with its strategic partnership with the UNDP in fostering knowledge movement in the Arab region, as well as the world.

The session, which was moderated by Naoufer Ramoul, TV Anchor and Producer at Dubai Media Incorporated featured various prominent figures including H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF; Khaled Abdel Shafi, Regional Hub Manager at the United Nations Development Programme; and Dr. Hany Torky, Chief Technical Adviser and Project Manager at the United Nations Development Programme.

H.E. Jamal bin Huwaireb said: “At MBRF, we recognise that the youth have the power to shape the future of knowledge. Since the Arab countries have greater percentage of youth population, we must encourage them as well as expand their knowledge and skills so that they can drive change and become the leaders of tomorrow. At present, the Arab societies have higher percentage of empowered and educated youths capable of keeping up with the current changes, which is one of the most crucial success aspects to building a knowledge-based society.

H.E. underlined the significance of empowering the youth, adding that we must provide them with all the opportunities to express their opinions, as well as discuss several challenges and innovative solutions, which would help them contribute more to the developmental and knowledge path, achieving further progress and prosperity. Additionally, he also asserted that the youth are significant assets of a society and must be given top priority. He continued by saying that the MBRF is at the forefront of launching several innovative initiatives which aim to improve the capabilities of the younger generations, empowering them in multiple fields of knowledge. In line with its commitment to creating knowledge-based societies, the Foundation also prioritises supporting the thoughts and ideas that the youth put forward through various platforms.

Furthermore, His Excellency stated that the Youth Knowledge Forum serves as an innovative platform which focuses on boosting the contributions of youth in revolutionising the knowledge path as well as building knowledge-based societies. He indicated that the forum is the ideal opportunity to honour various global knowledge accomplishments and celebrate the stories of several prominent figures in the field. Through the forum, MBRF strives to promote knowledge creativity among the youth, as well as recognise their efforts in steering the development path in various fields.

Khaled Abdel Shafi, Regional Hub Manager at the United Nations Development Programme, said: “The Global Knowledge Index focuses on the connection between knowledge and development, giving an outline of how knowledge helps in staying current with the continuous changes and developments globally. Presently, the youth encounters multiple challenges particularly in the Arab region, since the world has changed dramatically following the Covid-19 outbreak. Our goal is to support the Arab youth, and empower them in a variety of fields, especially given that they have the highest unemployment rate in the world, with 27 per cent among men and 45 per cent among women.”

He added: “Development starts with knowledge, and the Knowledge Index helps find answers to the problems the world is currently experiencing. The primary goal of the UNDP is to place youth at the centre of all its initiatives. At UNDP, we have a lot of initiatives that offer youth the resources they need to develop their skills and steer the future towards progress.”

Abdel Shafi highlighted that the Knowledge Index refers to the strengths and weaknesses of the nations it assesses and stated that that the UNDP is collaborating with nations, NGOs, and the private sector to leverage the various potentials of the Knowledge Index. He continued by saying that through their robust cooperation, which is continually renewed and developed, they share the same goals and solutions with MBRF.

Dr. Hany Torky, Chief Technical Adviser and Project Manager at the United Nations Development Programme explained that the Global Knowledge Index constitutes seven secondary indicators which tracks the performance of six important knowledge sectors – pre-university education; technical education and professional training; higher education; research, development, and innovation; information and communications technology (ICT); and economy. It additional entails a secondary indicator which denotes the social, political, economic, health and environmental context under which these sectors are being managed.

The Global Knowledge Index is a significant addition to the global knowledge base of development indices since it offers a range of reliable data. It assists countries and its decision-makers in comprehending challenges and transformations as well as the means of addressing them. In doing so, they can explore various prospects of the future and its possible paths.

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