Today, YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTÉ’s edgy couture perfumery collection introduces a strikingly sophisticated addition to its elegant Vestiaire collection,

inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s most gender-fluid accessory: LAVALLIÈRE, a lustrous blend of pulpy fig and petally rose that gives the floral green genre a sleek, chic, androgynous twist.

Named after a woman: the Duchess of La Vallière, one of Louis XIV’s stylish favorites. But the loosely tied bow the French call the lavallière was originally inspired

by the masculine jabot and is therefore, by its very nature, a gender-fluid accessory. Fruity, floral, green, woody… The olfactory themes that run through the fragrance,

like many-coloured threads woven into a silky ribbon, seamlessly intertwine the masculine and the feminine.

“As Yves Saint Laurent did with fashion, I wanted to revisit an iconic signature of fine perfumery through the Lavallière’s creation: the rose-cassis accord.

I imagined a petal-like rose supported by a creamy, comfortable woody note. I paired it with juicy blackcurrant, which I modernized with a crunchy green fig.” – Annick Menardo, perfumer

Launch date: 1st October 2022 / Price: 125ML – 1,100 AED

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