zaky, the mobile payment app from areeba, provides expats a tool to send fresh USD to their families in Lebanon

areeba sal, the leading payment technology provider in the region, announced that thanks to zaky, its peer-to-peer mobile payment application, Lebanese expats now have the opportunity to send money in the form of fresh USD to their families, instantly,and hassle free for amounts between $100 to $1000 at very competitive rate. This new added service on the app comes at a time during which many Lebanese families rely on money transfers from their relatives living abroad, in order to survive the financial crisis that the country is going through.

To benefit from this convenient service, the sender should simply link their international card to the app, which will allow them to load fresh USD to their app wallet. Then, they can transfer money for to the local mobile number of the recipient, who will be notified to download zaky app in order to receive the money on their own zaky wallet. The recipient can visit any LibanPost branch to retrieve their money, or use the money to buy vouchers or pay bills through the app.

“zaky will help Lebanese citizens from all generations to navigate this difficult time while transacting through mobile in a seamless and affordable way”, said Maher Mikati, areeba’s CEO and added “All transfers and payments are secured through multi-factor authentication involving the customer’s phone number, as well as card tokenization technology to protect all card details within the highest levels of security”.

zaky app, is designed for money transfers between Lebanese citizensusing a mobile device. With zaky app, customers can make instant money transfers, allowing them to send money to family members, split bills with friends,  pay for mobile recharge services, buy entertainment vouchers and much more. zaky app is available for download on Google Play, App Store and App Gallery.

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