20 Years of Unconditional Care: Skoun’s Dedication to Addiction Recovery in Lebanon

This year, Skoun proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, Skoun has remained resolute in its commitment to improving the lives of individuals and communities affected by substance use disorder in Lebanon. 20 Years of Unconditional Care encapsulates the organization’s accomplished journey in providing support, treatment, education, and awareness to those battling with substance use disorder, all while advocating for improved drug policies and laws based on human rights principles.

As Skoun observes this momentous milestone, reflecting on the mission’s achievements, ongoing dedication, and promising future endeavors, they acknowledge that there is unfinished business ahead. Tatyana Sleiman, Skoun Executive Director asserts that amidst the multitude of crises that have recently beset Lebanon, one undeniable reality persists: our community’s reliance on us has surged. Together, we’ll remain steadfast and unwavering, tirelessly providing the support and care our people so rightfully deserve.

Over this incredible 20-year journey, Skoun has made a profound impact, including:

  1. Treatment: Skoun provided tailored psychiatric and psychotherapeutic support to individuals with substance use disorders, benefiting 3,300 people over 20 years.
  2. Policy Reform & Advocacy: Skoun’s initiatives have led to significant legal achievements, including the legalization of Opiates Agonist Therapy and the engagement of the Drug Addiction Committee. They’ve also influenced drug policy and laws changes, with 740 individuals benefiting from legal aid.
  3. Prevention: Skoun’s prevention programs focus on empowering youth to prevent the onset of drug use, and have reached an average of 8,000 individuals annually. To do this, Skoun disseminates scientific information and builds the capacity of youngsters, involving parents, educators, healthcare providers, and national stakeholders.
  4. Community Outreach: Skoun engages in open and evidence-based conversations with various communities about drug and alcohol use. Their outreach efforts have reached more than 50,000 individuals.

Peering into the future, Skoun is excited to announce a range of forthcoming goals and initiatives, including:
– Extending substance use support services across Lebanon through their integration into public health and protection service provision to reach more communities in need.
– Promoting the inclusion of drug education in school and university curricula.
– Taking a leadership role in research related to drug use, positioning itself as a key reference point for Lebanon and the MENA region.
In order to uphold and extend their programs, to touch the lives of more individuals in need, and to leave an even stronger imprint on the community, Skoun is thrilled to introduce a fundraising campaign, themed ’20 Years of Unconditional Care’. They warmly invite individuals, organizations, and supporters to participate in making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by substance use disorder in Lebanon.

Skoun extends its heartfelt gratitude to partners, donors, volunteers, staff, sponsors, and service users, as their unwavering support has been the driving force behind Skoun’s success over the past two decades. Collaboratively, even greater milestones can be achieved in the years to come.

To donate and support Skoun’s mission, please visit https://www.skoun.org/en/donate
or call Beirut’s center on 01845512.

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