6th edition of the EcoLearn Summit 2024 concludes in Dubai shining Light on Financial Wellness and Empowerment

The sixth edition of the EcoLearn Summit 2024 – From Dubai to the World sponsored by Tickmill LTD, concluded successfully, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with invaluable insights into financial management. , the summit was dedicated to fostering awareness about the critical importance of financial education.

Bringing together industry leaders, educators, and enthusiasts, the summit showcased diverse perspectives and strategies for effective financial management. Engaging discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions provided attendees with practical tools to navigate personal finance confidently.

Speakers, including Joe Chidiac, Ahmad Sabra, Saif Al Yasi, and Abdallah Harfouch, addressed topics ranging from financial markets to personal branding, mindset, relationships, catering to participants of all backgrounds and experience levels.

During the session, Abdallah Harfouch, Economist, Financial & Investment orientation expert and CEO Founder of EcoLearn & Alpha Universe Group said, “Mastering finance essentials such as assets and markets is key to seizing opportunities. As entrepreneurs, we forge our paths to success. At EcoLearn Summit 2024, we highlight the vital connection between financial education and building a secure future. Understanding money management, from basics to advanced skills, lays the foundation for a resilient financial journey.”

Saif Al Yasi, Fitness coach and health expert, Founder of BeHuman Academy highlights the pivotal role of mindset in nurturing healthy relationships, emphasizing foundational principles essential for interpersonal dynamics. EcoLearn Summit 2024 illuminates the synergy between financial education and personal development. From basic to advanced money management skills, fostering the right mindset lays the cornerstone for a resilient financial future, enriching both individual prosperity and relational harmony.

In a captivating display of network engagement, Dipak Bhadra and Ira Poladko left a lasting impression on attendees through their interactive activities. Each took their turn, drawing the audience into a dynamic exchange between presenters and participants.

After that successful activity, Lama El Kouba and Eliane Ghanem, the co-founders of “Alpha Women” under EcoLearn and Alpha Universe Group introduced the main concept of this project and its impact in women especially in middle east.

The second panel of discussion highlighting prominent speakers in the likes of Carol Glynn, Carla Nemr, Deepti Chandak, Claudia Pinto talking about Women in finance & business by Alpha Women, Carol Glynn, Owner of Conscious Finance Coaching emphasized the importance of financial literacy for women, highlighting key topics and strategies to overcome common barriers. At EcoLearn Summit 2024, we advocate for inclusive financial education. From basic to advanced skills, empowering women financially is essential for economic independence and inclusive prosperity, shaping a more equitable and resilient financial future for all.

The final discussion was about the success of the youngest entrepreneur in “Alpha Universe Project” Mike Marta, and how to pave the road of success, followed by recognition to the successful leaders in the community

Day two commenced with a leadership and network training workshop by Abdallah HarfouchLama El KoubaEliane GhanemMike Marta followed by sessions on public speaking, social media, and one-to-one sessions, offering deeper insights into the world of finance.

The summit concluded with an insightful panel discussion by Alpha Universe Project, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy and empowerment today.

In addition to the enriching sessions, the summit facilitated networking and collaboration, enabling attendees to forge valuable partnerships for their financial journeys. Organizers extend gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters for their commitment to the cause of Financial Education.

The summit also provided a platform for emerging voices in financial education, with interactive panels featuring young entrepreneurs and advocates sharing perspectives on overcoming financial challenges and seizing opportunities in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

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