ABC’s Global Recognition by WindowsWear!

ABC is proud to announce its recognition by WindowsWear, the largest database and community of visual merchandising, retail, and e-commerce used by top brands and creatives worldwide. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights ABC’s commitment to excellence and innovation in visual merchandising.

WindowsWear featured ABC on their Instagram page for their ‘Let Go #springsummer24’ campaign, which included a series of unique and attractive displays using the art of lights. ABC was also highlighted for their chic yet traditional Ramadan window displays, which demonstrated the versatility and creativity of ABC’s visual merchandising team.

Despite Lebanon’s challenges, ABC remains an outstanding example of professionalism and persistence during difficult times. The recognition by WindowsWear highlights the dedication and expertise of ABC’s visual merchandising team, who consistently observe global standards, ensuring that ABC remains a leader in the industry.

ABC has managed to deliver exceptional visual displays that inspire and elevate their customers’ shopping experience.

ABC’s success story is a reminder of the potential and spirit in the Lebanese community. The acknowledgment from WindowsWear is not just a win for ABC but for Lebanon, showcasing that even in tough times, we can achieve global recognition and set standards of excellence.

ABC remains committed to pushing boundaries and setting benchmarks in the retail industry. Maya Ghajar, Head of Visual Merchandising and Retail Architecture at ABC said “Our team’s dedication to delivering world-class visual merchandising experiences has always made us proud, and we are honored to be recognized by such a prestigious global platform.”

For a closer look at ABC’s window displays, visit the following links to WindowsWear’s Instagram: LET GO RAMADAN

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