Ajman Tourism Brings Together Strategic Partners and Tourism Experts for “Sustainable Green Tourism and Investment” Workshop in Ajman

The Department of Tourism Development in Ajman (ADTD) successfully concluded the “Sustainable Green Tourism and Investment” workshop today. The event brought together strategic partners and experts from the tourism and environmental sectors across diverse fields. Held at the Ajman Saray Hotel, this workshop aimed to bolster the role of tourism in fostering sustainable green investment, uniting stakeholders from various sectors including strategic partners, hotels, tourism establishments, and department employees.

The workshop served as a platform to explore key themes within the global tourism industry. These topics encompassed the significance of “World Tourism Day” as a catalyst for global cultural and economic exchange, as well as the 2023 global tourism objectives and strategies to attain them. Discussions also delved into the environmental impact of tourism, the adoption of sustainable practices, and the concept of “green investments” directed toward sustainable tourism development. Attention was drawn to aligning tourism with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and the pivotal role of government policies and regulations in promoting green tourism.

Green investment opportunities within the tourism sector and their associated regulations were reviewed, accompanied by successful examples of sustainable tourism projects. Emphasis was placed on promoting sustainable travel methods, eco-friendly transportation, and the utilization of renewable resources within the tourism industry.

Furthermore, the workshop addressed standards for managing tourist facilities and restaurants, highlighting the importance of stringent standards to maintain service quality and preserve the environment. This workshop underscores the commitment to advancing sustainable development through green tourism and fostering collaboration between government and private sectors to realize these critical objectives.

His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of the Department of Tourism Development in Ajman, emphasized the importance of sustainability in tourism. He highlighted Ajman’s rich cultural heritage and exceptional natural beauty, making it an appealing destination for tourists seeking an authentic Emirati experience. Alhashmi stressed the need to strike a balance between sustainable economic development and the preservation of natural and cultural assets in light of the rapid growth in Ajman’s tourism sector.

The Ajman Tourism Development Department is actively addressing this challenge, implementing proactive measures and multifaceted strategies to raise awareness about the significance of preserving natural and cultural resources while fostering cooperation with relevant partners. These endeavors are part of a continuous effort to ensure the sustainability of Ajman’s tourism sector, promoting overall prosperity for society and the environment.

Hamda Al Matrooshi, Director of the Strategy and Performance Development Office at the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, commented on the workshop, stating: “The Sustainable Green Tourism and Investment Workshop presents an excellent opportunity to collectively devise sustainable strategies that reflect our commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable tourism sector growth.”

Al Matrooshi added, “We are confident that this workshop will serve as a unique forum for sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences among stakeholders interested in tourism, the environment, and sustainability. We eagerly anticipate working together to achieve sustainable development through tourism, inviting everyone to participate in such workshops and contribute to making Ajman a sustainable and innovative tourism destination.”

The Ajman Tourism Development Department remains steadfast in its mission to advance green and sustainable tourism through its projects and strategies, encouraging active participation from all to transform Ajman into a sustainable and innovative tourist destination that harmonizes luxury, environmental preservation, and the rich cultural heritage the emirate proudly boasts.

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