Ajman Tourism Wraps Up Successful Participation at World Travel Market in London

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) has successfully concluded its prominent presence at the World Travel Market (WTM) exhibition in London, held from November 6 to 8, 2023. Ajman’s showcase garnered significant attention from visitors and participants, highlighting the emirate’s captivating tourist attractions and lucrative investment opportunities within the tourism sector.

Ajman sparkled at the exhibition by presenting a diverse array of tourism experiences, underscoring its dedication to advancing sustainable tourism and elevating the emirate’s overall well-being. In this context, His Excellency H.E. Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, expressed, “This was an excellent opportunity to engage with numerous partners and investors in the tourism industry. Our goal is to enhance Ajman’s reputation as an extraordinary tourist destination, and we will persist in fostering international collaboration to attract further investments and support the growth of the tourism sector in the emirate.”

Regarding partnerships, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development linked strategic memorandums of understanding with several international entities, fortifying collaboration in hospitality and tourism project development. Noteworthy collaborations include a memorandum of understanding with Karisma Hotels and Resorts, a global leader in hotel and resort management. Additionally, strategic partnerships were announced with Hotel Beds and AM & RS Holding Company, aimed at bolstering tourism trade and enhancing visitor services. 

“These memorandums underscore Ajman’s commitment to fostering diversity and innovation within the tourism sector, thereby creating fresh opportunities for cutting-edge investment ventures that enhance Ajman’s global reputation,” Alhashmi emphasized. He highlighted the importance of partnering with international firms, stating that such collaborations would bolster Ajman’s status as a prominent tourist destination in the region.

As part of its participation in the World Travel Market in London, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development organized exceptional events, including promotional offers for key tourist destinations in the emirate and interactive workshops for visitors to delve into unique experiences in Ajman.

In a parallel development, Ajman has recently witnessed a remarkable surge in the tourism sector, with increased hotel revenues, occupancy rates, and visitor numbers. The emirate solidifies its status as a preferred destination for tourists from the United Kingdom and Ireland, experiencing a rise in the number of nights spent and arrivals from these two countries.

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