Alef Education Drives Dialogue on Education Transformation through Modern Technologies at IGCF 2023

Alef Education, a UAE-based global leader in education technology, led discussions on the pivotal role of innovative technologies in transforming education at the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) 2023.

 Held at the Expo Centre Sharjah, with the theme Today’s Resources, Tomorrow’s Wealth, IGCF 2023 brought together the experience and expertise of thought leaders, thinkers, and government communications experts locally and internationally. The two-day event highlighted the changing landscape of education, explored transformative change in the concept of learning, and showcased leading global experiences in the field.

 During the event, Alef Education CEO Geoffrey Alphonso participated in a high-level panel discussion titled Aristotle V.S GPT: Reformulating the Education Equation. He highlighted the challenges and opportunities of innovative technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), in developing learners’ critical thinking skills.

 Geoffrey Alphonso said: “We are excited to advocate for and discuss innovative EdTech solutions with industry leaders at IGCF 2023. At Alef Education, we strongly believe that technology has the power to transform education and unlock the potential of learners worldwide. Our participation in the event acknowledges Alef Education’s position as a leading provider of personalized and effective learning solutions for students worldwide. We will continue to work to empower educators and inspire learners as we transform education with our solutions.”

 Dr. Aishah Al Yammahi, the board advisor at Alef Education, also attended IGCF 2023 and spoke at two seminars: Arabic Language Measurement and Evaluation and Teaching and Learning Arabic in the Digital Age, moderated by Eyad Darawsheh – Global Head of B2G Sales and Partnerships at Alef Education, and Nouran Heimann – Product Marketing Manager at Alef Education, respectively. In the first session, Dr. Aishah addressed current challenges in Arabic language assessment, presented strategies to solve them, and introduced key initiatives in the Arab world. In the second session, Dr. Aishah and Malak Obeid discussed the obstacles encountered in teaching and learning Arabic in educational institutions and evaluated the effectiveness of solutions available in the Arabic market and their practicality.

 As part of the engagement with IGCF 2023, the Arabic Language Seminar was organized by Alef Education and the Arabic Language Youth Council – Arab Youth Center. The goal was to strengthen the role of the Arabic language in government communication strategies and highlight its importance in the modern education and communication landscape.


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