An Enchanting Union Anita Nayyar and Montel Goodrick Maiava’s Wedding in Goa

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Goa, the wedding of Anita Nayyar and Montel Goodrick Maiava is set to be a celebration of love, tradition, and elegance. This intimate ceremony and reception, scheduled for March 20, 2024, promise to be an unforgettable affair, embodying the spirit of a Spaniard Omerta through its captivating lighting and design.

Anita and Montel, a couple whose style reverberates with the timeless essence of tradition and thought, have planned an event that seamlessly blends the rich cultural heritage of India with the sophisticated charm of black-tie tradition. The ambiance of the ceremony will be elevated by live performances from violinists and 50s singers, while the excitement will be further ignited by the inclusion of fire dancers, adding a touch of spectacle to the traditional Indian themes close to Anita’s heritage.

The wedding attire, carefully curated by renowned designers, reflects the couple’s distinct personalities and their pursuit of a higher purpose under God. Anita Nayyar will grace the event in exquisite bridal gowns from House of Savin London and traditional Pakistani attire by Omrose Couture, complemented by elegantly designed rings from Gafla. Montel Goodrick Maiava will exude sophistication in custom suits from a New York shop and bespoke shoes by Aquila, embodying the essence of a modern gentleman.

The celebration will continue into the following day, March 21, 2024, with a brunch and high tea, allowing guests to revel in the joyous occasion and the beautiful union of Anita and Montel.

This wedding is not just a union of two souls but a harmonious blend of diverse cultures, styles, and traditions, promising to be a memorable event for all in attendance.

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