Aspen Heights British School celebrates Global Wellness Day

Aspen Heights British School, part of the International School Partnership (ISP), celebrated Global Wellness Day with initiatives aimed at fostering holistic well-being in communities globally.

Rika van Aswegen, UAE ambassador for Global Wellness Day and a Humanities Teacher at Aspen Heights British School, spearheaded the effort, with the support of a devoted team of educators and students. The celebrations included a wide range of activities, putting Aspen Heights British School at the forefront of promoting holistic health and instilling positive change in school communities across the Emirates.

The activities included a yoga session led by Principal Emma Shanahan, some art therapy to relieve exam stress, and a fun dance fitness class followed by calming mindful exercises at Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi.

Rika van Aswegen, a teacher at Aspen Heights and the UAE ambassador for Global Wellness Day commented: “I am so grateful to have been named one of the UAE’s ambassadors for Global Wellness Day. It is a privilege to be representing a country that places such an emphasis on wellness. It is also amazing to be a teacher at Aspen Heights British School, as the school supports staff and student wellness in such a big way. Today’s celebration of Global Wellness Day at our school, along with Mental Health Week earlier this term, exemplifies our commitment to nurturing holistic well-being within our school community and beyond. It’s inspiring to see our students and staff come together to prioritise their physical and mental health.”

“Aspen Heights British School is proud to play a role in promoting wellness among our students and staff. Today’s activities, from yoga sessions to dance fitness classes, highlight our dedication to creating a supportive, caring environment where everyone can thrive academically and personally. As an ISP school, we understand the importance of nurturing life skills that help not only our students, but our entire community to be successful at what they do. Understanding and supporting your own as well as other’s well-being is an important part of that,” said Emma Shanahan, Principal at Aspen Heights British School.

Aspen Heights British School, located in Al Bahya, Abu Dhabi, is a high-quality British International School with a focus on the community and environment. Their personalised approach ensures that children from Nursery to Year 13 make remarkable progress and achieve standards that will amaze. Aspen Heights British School is committed to nurturing well-being, and is the recipient of the Silver Award for Mental Health, from the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools.

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