AUBMC Showcases Advanced Endoscopy Expertise on Global Stage

The American University of Beirut Medical Center’s (AUBMC) Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy Unit has been selected to conduct advanced live demonstrations to EURO-EUS, one of the most prestigious endoscopy congresses in Europe and across the globe. This pioneering effort marks Lebanon’s debut in transmitting endoscopy procedures internationally for educational purposes as part of the international European endoscopic congress, EURO-EUS, cementing AUBMC’s global reputation as an international center of excellence in the field of endoscopy.

Standing as the sole medical center in Africa and the Middle East to be selected for this prestigious opportunity, the participation of Dr. Assaad Soweid, professor in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, in live demonstrations of complex endoscopy cases via satellite at the EURO-EUS international workshop further solidifies the institution’s international standing as a beacon of innovation and expertise in healthcare delivery.

Reflecting on this milestone achievement, Dr. Soweid stated, “Participation in the EURO-EUS workshop marks a pivotal moment for our Endoscopy Unit at AUBMC and underscores our commitment to advancing medical knowledge in the Middle East and Africa. Being the first center from our region to join this prestigious workshop is not just an achievement for us, but a testament to the growing recognition of our expertise on a global scale. Inclusion among the top 10 elite centers globally reaffirms our dedication to excellence in patient care, education, and research, setting a benchmark for others to aspire to.”

Echoing the same sentiment, Dr. Yasser Shaib, director of the Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy Unit at AUBMC, said, “Despite all the challenges, the inclusion of AUBMC in such global events speaks to the quality of service we continue to provide. Through dedication to education and innovation, our Endoscopy Center at AUBMC reaffirms its leading role in interventional endoscopy in the region.”

With a legacy spanning over 20 years, EURO-EUS convenes an annual meeting in esteemed European countries such as Italy, Spain, and France. This scientific gathering features enlightening lectures delivered by leading global authorities in the field of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), hands-on training sessions on cutting-edge endoscopic/EUS techniques for gastroenterologists worldwide, and live demonstrations of innovative EUS procedures, including intricate and pioneering methodologies.

Dr. Soweid, a distinguished board member of the prestigious EURO-EUS society, has played a pivotal role in the society’s meetings for the past two decades. His active participation has included delivering enlightening lectures and conducting live demonstrations on complex gastrointestinal and pancreaticobiliary cases that necessitate endoscopic ultrasound expertise.

Drawing a diverse audience of thousands of gastroenterologists from around the globe, both in person and virtually, these conferences serve as a nexus for knowledge exchange and professional development. The live EUS demonstrations, broadcasted from select European venues and elite medical centers worldwide, captivate attendees comprising gastroenterologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, and oncologists, who are keen to witness the latest advancements in the field firsthand.

The AUBMC Endoscopy Unit’s participation in the renowned EURO-EUS workshop not only signifies its unwavering commitment to advancing medical knowledge and techniques in our region, but also fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange with experts from all over the world, ultimately benefiting patients in the region and beyond. This milestone positions the American University of Beirut Medical Center as pioneering in healthcare and reaffirms the institution’s dedication to providing the highest standards of excellence in patient care, education, and research. Through live demonstrations and collaborative efforts with distinguished professionals worldwide, AUBMC strives to lead the way in healthcare innovation and to elevate the standards of endoscopic practices, ultimately ensuring optimal outcomes for patients both locally and globally.

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