Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC Partners with Amadeus to Boost Customer Experience in Oman

Collaboration to enrich Bahwan Travel Agencies' product portfolio for inspired choices and journeys without stress

Amadeus, global leader in travel technology dedicated to making experience of travel better for everyone, has entered strategic partnership with Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC, prominent player in Oman’s travel industry. This collaboration aims to enrich Bahwan Travel Agencies’ product portfolio and elevate customer experience in Oman market.

The partnership will see Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC integrating cutting-edge solutions from Amadeus, including Amadeus Web Services, Selling Platform and Productivity Suite. These state-of-the-art tools enhance operational efficiency, streamline booking process, and empower travel agencies to provide more personalized and seamless services to customers.

Key solutions Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC will implement is Amadeus All Fares for shopping and Amadeus Robotics for fare optimization. These will enable agency to offer travelers comprehensive and optimized fares suited to needs of traveler, ultimately enhancing their overall journey planning experience. The partnership also delivers Amadeus Ticket Changer for faster, automated ticket re-issue and refund capabilities, Quality Control Smart Scripts, and other tools to ensure smoother and hassle-free operations.

Biju Antony, General Manager of Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC, said: “At Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC, our commitment is to provide exceptional travel experiences for customers. Partnering with Amadeus aligns perfectly with our vision, as the their solutions are renowned  for innovation and reliability. We believe this collaboration will help us take our customer service to new heights and deliver seamless and personalized travel experiences.”

Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont, Managing Director of Amadeus Gulf, expressed his excitement about partnership, stating, ” As an industry, we only progress by working together. That’s why we are thrilled to collaborate with Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC in bringing latest Amadeus travel technology to take travel experience to next level. Our solutions are designed to drive efficiency and elevate customer service, and we are confident that Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC will greatly benefit from implementing these state-of-the-art tools, reinforced by our commitment to offering best of support to our clients.”

The partnership between Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC and Amadeus represents a significant step forward for Oman’s travel industry, promising enhanced services, efficient operations, and more customer-centric approach. With Amadeus’ proven technology and Bahwan Travel Agencies’ market expertise, this collaboration helps achieve goal of inspired choices and journeys without stress in the Sultanate of Oman.

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