BIRDS Lands in Dubai: The Most Spectacular ‘Dinner & Entertainment Act’ on Earth

Perched majestically in the vibrant epicenter of Downtown Dubai, BIRDS emerges as a diamond feather in the city’s illustrious crown. This sanctum of refined taste and dramatic artistry, celebrated for its intricate tapestry of gastronomic legend in Moscow and Bodrum, now unfurls its wings above Dubai’s radiant skyline, asserting itself as the new uncontested pinnacle of the city’s elite entertainment scene. Nestled on the 63rd floor of the iconic Address Downtown, BIRDS invites the crème de la crème of society to partake in an unparalleled premiere on February 16th. Overlooking a breathtaking and exclusive view of Dubai’s crowning Jewel, The Burj Khalifa, from the dancing fountains to its towering summit, diners are promised an immersive odyssey where the zenith of haute gastronomy, artisanal mixology, and bold artistic performances interlace to craft an indelible experience like none other in the city. The opening act, ‘Sky Lake,’ infuses the evening with the mystic allure of ballet, before transforming into a vibrant afterparty into the night.

The Jewel in a Feathered Crown

BIRDS is not just a name but a global phenomenon, a magnet for the world’s glitterati, irresistibly drawn to its signature blend of unparalleled culinary showstoppers, spectacular beverages, and visually astonishing performances. Reigning as the undisputed entertainment champion of both Moscow and Bodrum, BIRDS has set a formidable new nest atop Dubai’s most prestigious district, ushering in a new era of luxury dining and entertainment; the stage is set for an exhilarating sensory experience for the global elite to celebrate the art of the extraordinary.

Magical ‘Sky Lake’ – The Inaugural Act

‘Sky Lake’ is the centerpiece of BIRDS’ inaugural act, embodying the celestial and ethereal grace of ballet with an evening dedicated to the art of dance. Guests can anticipate a blend of classic ballet movements and avant-garde choreographic interpretations. For one night, BIRDS will transform into a temple of dance, inviting everyone to dive into a magical and beauty-bound environment.

Chef Dmitry Lim’s Artistic Palette

At BIRDS Dubai’s culinary helm, Chef Dmitry Lim, renowned for his virtuosic pan-Asian cuisine, orchestrates a vibrant food culture that ventures far beyond the realm of the ‘Dinner Theater,’ under the wing of Group Executive Chef Alexander Raylan whose innovative approach is renowned for bringing the best of Europe and Asia together. With a history steeped in Moscow’s finest addresses and in creating exquisite restaurant concepts and izakayas throughout Tokyo and Kyoto, Chef Lim introduces an intense Japanese Eurasian gastronomic journey to Dubai’s skyline. His Korean heritage fosters an instinctual affinity for Japanese cuisine, which he masterfully blends with European influences at BIRDS Dubai. Signature dishes, such as the freshest King Crab with Soba Matcha Noodles and the Japanese Wagyu Tataki with White Asparagus and Spicy Sauce showcase his culinary artistry. Each meticulously crafted dish is a performance in flavors and textures, a gastronomic flight designed for food aficionados seeking the ultimate culinary seduction.

Petr Sorokovov’s Compendium of Elixirs

Commenting on the cocktail menu, Petr Sorokovov shares, “We want to astonish our guests not just with flavor, but with the story of each drink,” he added. “La Boutique du Parfumeur” is our masterpiece that we’re excited for our guests to enjoy; a cocktail experience where guests curate their own drink by selecting from a variety of bases, distillates, and perfumes, each presented in a couture box with a total of 36 distinctive variations.” His approach transforms the cocktail menu into a kaleidoscopic canvas of creativity, tempting guests to indulge in an interactive adventure that erupts with every detail.

Petr Sorokovov, the visionary behind BIRDS’ world-renowned Cocktail Couture, unveils another dramatic menu that resonates as vibrant expressions of his mixological and culinary finesse. His bold scientific approach, akin to assembling a puzzle, weaves intricate flavors into a rich liquid tapestry. Sorokovov’s penchant for techniques like fat-washing and his use of distinctive ingredients such as “beurre noisette” and lacto-fermented vegetables culminate in creations lauded as the crest of taste and texture. His signature cocktails, like the “Caramel Sparrow” and the “Crimson Falcon,” rising as dramatized Acts in BIRDS’ grand theatre of dining.

A Tapestry of Performance and Elegance

BIRDS transforms its space into a theatre of dreams, where the beauty of bespoke Avian-inspired costumes, extravagant headpieces, and the city’s most exceptional performers converge. State-of-the-art audio-light performances, unprecedented dynamic stage elements, and mapping technology ensure that BIRDS demolishes the conventional ‘Dinner Show’ experience, offering a show-stopping feast for every imaginable sense that is both magnificent and sophisticatedly daring.

Immersive Spectacles

Every performance at BIRDS, from the intricate choreography of a ‘conductor’ leading a ballet of culinary instruments to the visual splendor of elaborate costumes and headpieces that narrate tales of elegance, is meticulously crafted to immerse guests in a uniquely captivating atmosphere. The commitment to creating this immersive environment ensures that each visit to BIRDS is an unforgettable journey through a world of creativity, elegance, and wonder.

As BIRDS prepares to unveil its splendor on the 63rd floor of Address Downtown on February 16th, it extends an invitation to those who seek to indulge in a realm of unrivaled luxury and creativity. Boasting the most exclusive and sought after views of the iconic Burj Khalifa in the entire city – at the latest dining spot and place-to-be in Dubai. Don’t miss this opportunity to transcend the ordinary—book your exclusive table now and ensure your spot at Dubai’s premier dining and entertainment destination. 

Discover BIRDS Dubai: The Apex of Exquisite Taste and Unrivaled Entertainment. 

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