Bridgestone awarded ‘Innovative Sustainable Tyre Technology Provider of the Year’ at Logistics & Transport Awards 2023

Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, received the ‘Innovative Sustainable Tyre Technology Provider of the Year’ award at the prestigious Logistics & Transport Awards 2023.  The company was recognised for its innovative tyre solutions, which contribute to safe and fuel-efficient transportation. The award ceremony was held recently at Sofitel Dubai The Palm. 

Jacques Fourie, Vice President and Managing Director of Bridgestone Middle East and Africa, said: “Our latest success is a prime representation of the developments in the field of sustainable mobility. This further encourages us to ramp up our efforts by embracing suitable technologies, while also welcoming newer innovations that will advance our sustainability agenda. As a company, we will continue to be guided in our efforts by our mission of ‘Serving Society with Superior Quality’ and unite diverse areas of expertise to help deliver disruptive solutions for the sector.” 

“Besides that, we would like to thank the organisers and judges for recognising our contributions and honouring our transformative efforts. With sustainability as a key priority, we will continue to drive necessary research and development for a cleaner future,” he added. 

Bridgestone has been actively tying its business model to carbon neutrality and the circular economy with calculated changes across its value chain. This has resulted in the implementation of several sustainability initiatives in efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Reduced carbon emissions are one of the company’s long-term environmental goals, along with supporting the ‘Milestone 2030’ initiative and executing the tasks outlined in its E8 Commitment. 

Bridgestone’s corporate commitment to 2030 is further evidenced by the E8 Commitment. It serves as a foundation for the company’s ongoing evolution as Bridgestone 3.0, as well as the transformation of its business model. The Bridgestone E8 Commitment stands out as one of the company’s strategic initiatives aimed at uniting global stakeholders to reshape the mobility sector and propel sustainable operations. 

The Logistics & Transport Awards were founded to celebrate accomplishments and recognise the future goals of supply chain and logistics companies from across the region. The awards benefit both individuals and companies from a variety of sectors, including supply chain management, e-commerce, logistics, and transportation. The latest accomplishment places Bridgestone in the forefront of sustainable innovations, in keeping with its goal of steering sustainable mobility.

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