Cricket Fan hits a ‘6’ to win AED 1 million with Mahzooz

• Indian father of three wins AED 50,000 in gold coins

In an extraordinary turn of events, Mahzooz, the UAE’s first and leading weekly draw with the largest and most frequent payouts, recently crowned 799 winners, generously offering them a massive AED 1,396,500 in cash prizes during its 144th draws held on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023.

The latest draws brought great delight and fulfillment to two fortunate individuals: Muhammad, the Guaranteed raffle draw winner of AED 1 million from Pakistan, and Nimil, an Indian expat who won the last Golden Summer Draw prize of AED 50,000 in gold coins.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, these winners share inspiring stories that attest to the amazing opportunities offered by Mahzooz every week.

Muhammad, a 27-year-old finance manager with a passion for cricket and bodybuilding, has a heartwarming tale of success. Muhammad moved to the UAE nearly a year ago along with his wife and has been participating in Mahzooz regularly ever since. “I am still finding it difficult to believe that I won especially since I purchased my Mahzooz water bottle just 25 minutes before the cut off time”. Muhammad humbly shared, his evident astonishment. “I didn’t check my email at first because my friend and I were planning to watch the cricket match between India and Pakistan, but the match was called off due to rain. I had a feeling that I had won the third prize of AED 250 only. My friend insisted that I read my email from Mahzooz. It turned out that he had a gut feeling that I would win something big that night, and his feelings were true – I won AED 1 million”.

Muhammad, who is married, shared his plans for the prize money, saying, “I would like to use this windfall to clear off my financial liabilities and travel to Saudi Arabia for religious purposes.”

Identifying with Mahzooz’s commitment to giving back to the community, Muhammad believes in humanitarian work and has expressed a desire to use a part of his windfall to help educate underprivileged children back home. Muhammad has expressed his gratitude to Mahzooz for providing individuals like him an opportunity to change their life for the better. “I will continue to pursue my dream of winning AED 20 million until I win it!” he said confidently.

The next inspiring story is about Nimil, a 38 years old Indian father of three who came to the UAE in his early twenties with a mechanical engineering degree and an ambition to make it big in the land of opportunities. Nimil worked hard for nearly 15 years to care for his family, which included his wife and three children. He finally became the fifth and last winner of the Golden Summer Draw for this season, taking home AED 50,000 in 22 carat gold coins. Expressing his sincere appreciation to Mahzooz for the accomplishment, he said, “This reward is a lifeline that will help me establish some financial stability and a safety net for my family”.

For only AED 35, participants can purchase a bottle of Mahzooz water, and enter the weekly draw every Saturday consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the new top prize of AED 20 million and the weekly Raffle Draw, which will grant AED 1  million every week to a GUARANTEED millionaire-to-be.

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