Czechia embarks on a magical festive journey presenting Prague’s Winter Wonderland

As the winter chill settles over the picturesque city of Prague, Czech Republic, the enchanting celebrations commence, marking the beginning of a festive season that promises to captivate the hearts of both locals and international visitors. From the magical Christmas Markets in December to the Easter Markets in April, #VisitCzechia invites everyone to partake in a joyous journey through a winter wonderland.

The grand festivities begin with the Prague Christmas Markets, commencing on December 2, 2023, and continuing through to January 6, 2024. The market showcases an array of handcrafted gifts, festive decorations, and delectable treats, creating an enchanting atmosphere for visitors to explore.

From January 1 to January 6, 2024, Prague becomes the stage for enchanting New Year Concerts. Visitors can immerse themselves in the city’s rich musical tradition as grand concert halls and historic venues host special performances. In the month of February, Prague takes on an air of romance on February 14, 2024, as lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day amidst the city’s captivating beauty. From enchanting sights to charming restaurants, Prague offers a myriad of options to impress your loved one.

As spring approaches, Prague welcomes the Easter season with the Prague Easter Markets, starting from March 16 to April 7, 2024. The Old Town Square will be adorned with wooden huts displaying traditional handicrafts, including glassware, embroidered lace, jewellery, and intricately hand-painted Easter eggs, offering a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

Mrs. Barbara Andelová, International Marketing Manager for new markets at CzechTourism, states, “The festive season in the Czech Republic is a magical time when the rich cultural heritage of our country comes alive. From the enchanting Christmas Markets to the musical notes of the New Year Concerts, and the traditional celebrations of Easter, each event offers a unique experience that reflects the warmth and hospitality of the Czech people. We invite visitors from around the world to join us in creating unforgettable memories during this festive journey.”

In a momentous celebration, #VisitCzechia curated an exceptional experience by hosting an influencer fam trip from Kuwait and India, dedicated to exploring the enchanting Christmas markets from December 4th to 9th. Influencers embarked on a captivating itinerary, immersing themselves in the magical atmosphere of Prague and delving into the iconic Christmas. The journey began with a guided walking tour of Prague, featuring a visit to the Christmas Markets at the Prague Castle. Subsequently, influencers delved into the festive ambiance of Karlovy Vary, experiencing the handcrafted glass wonders at Moser, exploring medieval stone castle Loket, used to be called the “Key to the Czech Kingdom”, and discovering the charm of Mariánské Lázn? through a city tour. The itinerary also included visits to the Christmas Markets at Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, adding a touch of local charm to the influencers’ experience.

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