Diana Fadel Receives Honorary Doctorate in Letters & Human Sciences from USJ

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Saint Joseph University (USJ), Mrs. Diana Fadel, the Founder and President of the “Fondation Diane,” was honored with an honorary Doctorate “Honoris Causa” Degree in Letters & Human Sciences. This recognition is a testament to her exceptional dedication and significant contributions to the Sustainable Development of Lebanon, as well as her commendable advocacy for nature, heritage, and the dignity of the people.

The award ceremony, held in October 2023, at Amphitheatre Pierre Abou Khater – USJ Beirut, brought together distinguished individuals who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. Among the honorees were Salim Eddé (co-Founder of Murex Group), Philippe Jabre (Founder of l’Association Philippe Jabre), Varouj Nerguizian (CEO of Emirates Lebanon Bank), and David and Hiram Corm (President and Treasurer of Fondation Charles Corm).

The event, attended by Pr. Salim Daccache s.j. (Rector of USJ), key social and political figures, prominent business leaders, and the press, aimed to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of individuals who have demonstrated a strong sense of solidarity and actively contributed to transforming communities into value-added societies.

Father Daccache underscored Mrs. Fadel’s visionary approach to Sustainable Development, describing it as a harmonious coexistence of economic progress, environmental stewardship, and social equity. Despite facing two deadly cancer diseases, Mrs. Fadel’s determination led her to invest in the revitalization of Lebanon’s industrial sector and establish Fondation Diane, an advocate for eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development, supporting green start-ups.

In his speech, he highlighted Mrs. Fadel’s exceptional dedication and achievements, emphasizing her positive impact not only on a personal level but also on a national scale. He commended her for her leadership role in managing the operational, cultural, and eco-sustainable aspects of ABC s.a.l, a family business, and her unwavering commitment to women’s rights.

During her emotional speech, Mrs. Fadel expressed her deep love for Lebanon and outlined her dreams for a nation where heritage sites are protected, mountains adorned with ancient trees, and villages untouched by concrete. She emphasized the importance of dignity, well-being, and access to basic needs for all citizens, sharing Gandhi’s sentiment: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mrs. Fadel recounted Fondation Diane’s journey, from founding “Monuments En Musique” to addressing the neglect of archeological sites. She highlighted the establishment of VIRIDIS Investment platform for supporting eco-Startups and the creation of the “Chair of Fondation Diane in Education for eco-Citizenship & Sustainable Development” (CEEDD) at USJ.

In response to the Beirut explosion and the rising cost of medical care, Mrs. Fadel announced the opening of the “Clinique Sociale de l’Enfant” in partnership with Hotel-Dieu de France (HDF), the first social pediatric clinic providing free consultations and medical services to children in Lebanon. Since its inauguration in November 2022, the clinic has served the health needs of 3,000 patients.

Diana Fadel’s inspiring journey and impactful initiatives reflect her commitment to positive change and sustainable development in Lebanon.

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