Dubai Crocodile Park gears up to celebrate Eid holidays.

With Eid-al-Fitr announced, the fascinating world of crocodiles at Dubai Crocodile Park beckons families and tourists as a unique escapade for all ages. Spread across 20,000 sq meters of lush greenery and water bodies next to Mushrif Park.

Home to over 250 Nile crocodiles, the park offers an interesting mix of fun, adventure, and edutainment for all. Housing an African lake-themed aquarium, landscapes inspired by the Savanna, and a Natural History Museum; it is an ideal day-spend for counting memories as well as knowledge-building. Its expansive exhibits interspersed by three spacious ponds, several waterfalls, and sandy banks offer intriguing opportunities to observe and enjoy these reptiles in their natural habitats.

The park’s aquarium facilitates incredibly interesting and closer views allowing visitors to observe these amphibians from various angles. Whereas, the museum takes through a 200 million years old evolution journey of crocodiles, highlighting their unique adaptations and survival skills. With guided tours and recreational activities like feeding the crocodiles and meeting baby crocodiles; the park is a sprawling destination with plenty of adventure choices for visitors.

That’s not all, the Dubai Crocodile Park also offers a unique African vibe at their multiple dining and shopping outlets embracing a slice of Africa in Dubai! With tickets priced at AED 75 for children and AED 95 for everyone above 12 years; the Dubai Crocodile Park is undeniably a must-have on your Eid holidays itinerary.

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