Dubai Health Achieves Record Success Securing Medical Residency Training in North American Programs

Dubai Health, the first integrated academic health system in Dubai has announced that 100% of its Emirati scholars from the Graduate Medical Education at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) have successfully secured training opportunities for medical residency programs in Canada and the US. This notable achievement was facilitated by the Academic Mentorship Program for Physicians, a flagship initiative under the Deanship of Graduate Medical Education at MBRU designed to support trainees in pursuing medical residency training programs in North America.

Professor Alawi Alsheikh-Ali, Deputy CEO and Chief Academic Officer of Dubai Health, and Provost of MBRU, said: “This is a very special moment for Dubai Health, celebrating the success of our young scholars who are pushing the envelope and getting outside of their comfort zones to pursue their graduate medical education abroad, which is a testament to the caliber of medical education, mentorship, and clinical training that is distinctively offered at MBRU, the University within Dubai’s first integrated academic health system. This success not only reflects the individual achievements of our young doctors but also underscores Dubai Health’s commitment to empowering local medical talent, ensuring that they receive opportunities to excel on the global stage. I’m very proud of these young doctors and very proud of the graduate medical education team that is supporting them.”

Professor Sulaiman AlEmran, Dean of Graduate Medical Education at MBRUsaid: “We are honored by the accomplishments of our Emirati scholars and MBRU’s new Academic Mentorship Program for Physicians. These achievements reflect MBRU’s commitment to supporting trainees in their learning journey, aligning with Dubai Health’s goal to cultivate local medical talent in various medical fields,”

 “The Deanship of Graduate Medical Education at MBRU implemented a standardized program for academic mentorship, offering comprehensive support to medical trainees aspiring to enroll in medical residency programs in Canada and the US. The initiative included meticulous review and optimization of trainees’ academic performances and resumes, coupled with informative workshops addressing application requirements and refining personal interview skills. The program facilitated communication between trainees and prominent Canadian and American institutions, introducing them to Dubai Health, and provided diligent follow-up throughout all application stages and requirements,” he added.

A total of 11 trainees who participated in the academic mentorship program, successfully meeting all admission requirements and criteria for prestigious Canadian and American institutions, including the successful completion of medical licensing exams. The Deanship of Graduate Medical Education oversaw the review process of all documents, submitting them to numerous universities in Canada and the US in collaboration with UAE attachés.

Each applicant excelled in meeting the admission requirements, including personal interviews. Successful candidates have been accepted into several medical residency programs, such as internal medicine, emergency medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, and diagnostic radiology. Notable institutions welcoming MBRU trainees include the University of Texas in the US, as well as Canadian universities such as McGill University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and Queen’s University.

This unprecedented accomplishment of securing 11 training opportunities across Canadian and American institutions is a pinnacle achievement in the UAE’s healthcare landscape. Moreover, this success aligns seamlessly with Dubai Health’s commitment to investing in developing national healthcare talents, fostering excellence in healthcare services, and championing learning and discovery to impact lives.

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