Dubai Municipality completes beautification work on 4 roundabouts with new designs

Dubai Municipality has successfully completed the beautification works for four prominent roundabouts in the Emirate of Dubai. The roundabouts, including Al Raqa roundabout, Nad Al Sheba roundabout, Nad Al Hamar roundabout, and Al Khawanej roundabout, have undergone a significant transformation as part of the Emirate-wide Public Roundabout Beauty Project.

The Dubai Public Roundabout Beauty Project is a significant initiative aimed at enhancing the composition and visual aesthetics of Dubai and comes in line with the “Art in Public Spaces” strategy, designed to transform the Emirate into an open, universal, and accessible art demonstration, further solidifying its status as a global city with a rich cultural and artistic heritage. This project is one of the many projects undertaken by the Municipality to enhance the aesthetic and civilizational aspects of public spaces within the Emirate through innovative artistic designs that reflect the modern and urban essence of Dubai while harmonizing with its overall aesthetic.

The new design of Al-Warqa (leaf) Roundabout draws its inspiration from the area’s name, featuring a central structure adorned with intricate leaf bird design encircling the roundabout’s ring. This central structure stands at a height of 3.5 meters and has a thickness of 240 centimeters.

Similarly, the design of Nad Al-Hamar Roundabout is influenced by the area’s name and visually resembles rose petals reflecting the contours of the red dunes nearby. This design, with heights ranging from 1.9 to 2.9 meters, evokes the beauty of Nad Al-Hamar Garden.

As for Nad Al-Sheba Roundabout, it takes its concept from the term NAD, symbolizing the elevated earthy hills in the region. The roundabout’s configuration mirrors the rhythmic patterns of ocean waves, with heights varying from 0.6 to 2.0 meters. Meanwhile, Al-Khawanej Roundabout derives its inspiration from the area’s name, associated with a freshwater well known as Al-Khawanej. This 3-meter-tall roundabout showcases a farm inspired by the desert agricultural heritage of the local inhabitants, reflecting their essential trade and cultural practices.

The Municipality carried out agricultural activities within roundabouts, incorporating green spaces, Sesuvium, Pennisetum, bougainvillea, Ruellia, and seasonal flowers.

Dubai Municipality carries out beautification works for many facilities and objects, in addition to agricultural work for main streets and roads, beautifying neighborhoods’ roundabouts by combining artistic objects with decorative agricultural patterns, in line with one of its strategic axes, which focuses on enhancing the attractiveness of the emirate and providing integrated public facilities.

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