Dubai Municipality concludes a successful Children’s City Summer Camp

Dubai Municipality has successfully concluded the summer camp, which witnessed the enthusiastic participation of over 75 children aged between 6 and 14, at Children’s City. This collaborative initiative, organized in partnership with 34 government and private entities, aimed to offer an enriching blend of educational and recreational activities to the children during the summer break. The camp’s remarkable success underscores Dubai Municipality’s commitment to fostering talent, knowledge, and creativity among the youth.

Aligned with Dubai Municipality’s unwavering dedication to creating a vibrant and sustainable environment that uplifts all segments of society, the summer camp played a pivotal role in nurturing the talents and skills of the participants. By providing a platform for hands-on learning, valuable information acquisition, and unleashing creative potential, the camp echoes the municipality’s broader vision of enhancing the well-being and happiness of Dubai’s residents.


With the assistance of 22 volunteers, the summer camp featured multiple programs totaling over 160 hours of various activities. During the camp, more than 40 educational, recreational, and sporting workshops were held, encompassing planetarium shows, earth sciences, explorer world, child protection program, environmental sustainability, sign language communication skills, pottery workshops, agriculture and recycling, plastic arts, and cooking club activity.


Furthermore, the municipality also organized over 19 recreational trips to a number of outdoor destinations in Dubai – including Al-Nassr FC, Modesh World, Magic Planet, Ski Dubai, Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai Frame, and Dubai Dolphinarium.


In addition, Dubai Municipality, in collaboration with Dubai Police, held a workshop to teach children sign communication language, with the goal of positively integrating children with the deaf category, acquiring communication skills, and creating a healthy interactive environment with people of determination, as well as teaching children shooting arts and other activities that boost self-confidence and discipline development.

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