Dubai Municipality receives International Safety Award from British Safety Council

Dubai Municipality received the International Safety Award from the British Safety Council. The award is granted to institutions that adhere to the highest standards of occupational health and safety, ensuring a sustainable, healthy, and safe workplace that safeguards the well-being of employees, contractors, and visitors, including People of determination, while also preserving property.

The recognition emphasizes the achievements of Dubai Municipality in achieving one of the pillars of its Strategic Plan, which is to create a sustainable environment, health, and food ecosystem that is defined by the highest standards of public health and occupational safety. In addition to employees, the sustainable health system plays a vital role in ensuring the prosperity of communities residing in the Emirate. The move comes in line with the Municipality’s vision of elevating the living standards in Dubai by leading the way among global cities.

 Additionally, Dubai Municipality topped among other competitors for its achievements in occupational and health management in various job sites. The Municipality has been dedicated to developing and implementing global standards in its activities and operations across its work sites, as well as upholding a sustainable and positive safety culture. This accomplishment highlights the Municipality’s commitment to complying with laws and regulations as well as its efforts to prioritize emergency preparedness, risk assessment, efficiency of accident investigation, and learning from past incidents. Moreover, it sheds light on Dubai Municipality’s keenness to prioritize the mental well-being of employees and the safety of people of determination, along with ensuring the safety of contractors and suppliers while adhering to the ISO 45001 standard. 

Dubai Municipality also secured the second position from the same award for its exceptional project titled ‘Corporate Health and Safety Management in Dubai Municipality.’ The project exemplifies the ability of the municipality to adapt and support the establishment of the Health, Safety, and Environmental System implemented in the Municipality, along with its ongoing modernization efforts. The relentless efforts of the municipality further helped in advancing enterprise risk management, ensuring business continuity, and transforming the corporate health and safety system.

The project played a vital role in developing a comprehensive framework to meet the occupational health and safety requirements across different job categories. It also aimed to ensure clarity of key guidelines and obligations for health and safety-related initiatives, activities, and operations at all work sites.

 Dubai Municipality is committed to guaranteeing the highest level of occupational and health safety systems across all fields of work while adhering to global standards by implementing an integrated system comprising periodic auditing, risk assessment, implementation of emergency plans, and providing awareness workshops, among others. These efforts aim to protect society from risks to public health and occupational safety. This commitment of the municipality has helped it to protect lives and ensure well-being.


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