Dubai Municipality wins Middle East Waste and Recycling Award for Best Waste Diversion and Reduction Initiative

Dubai Municipality has achieved a remarkable regional distinction by winning the ‘Best Waste Transfer and Reduction Initiative (Government Sector)’ accolade for the year 2023 at the Middle East Waste & Recycling Awards (MEWAR Awards). The award was conferred in recognition of the Municipality’s groundbreaking initiative, the ‘Waste Reduction and Diversion Programs’, which represents a significant stride toward fostering sustainable waste management and recycling practices in Dubai.

 The ‘Best Waste Transfer and Reduction Initiative (Government Sector)’ category underlines the commendable efforts of government entities committed to instigating positive environmental change through proactive waste reduction and diversion, as well as recycling strategies, initiatives, and programs.

 Dubai Municipality affirmed that obtaining this award reflects the Municipality’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and efforts to enhance the appeal of the Emirate. The Municipality places a major focus on integrated waste management, lowering waste production from sources, augmenting recycling, and processing rates, minimizing the negative environmental effects of residues and impacts, and reducing carbon footprint In the Emirate. This is in line with the objectives of the Dubai Integrated Waste Management Strategy 2021-2041. With this move, the Municipality aims to consolidate the concepts of environmental sustainability, circular economy, and recycling.

 The award is a true reflection of Dubai Municipality’s unwavering commitment to supporting the UAE’s national environmental goals by accomplishing climate neutrality by 2050. In addition, it also demonstrates the Municipality’s dedication to keeping abreast of and supporting the objectives of the COP28 Conference, as a strategic partner of the event, which will be hosted by the UAE at the end of this month.

 Through this winning initiative, Dubai Municipality has examined several community service and pilot programs in the fields of environmental and waste management, all of which have assisted in diverting public waste from the trajectory and reducing the negative impact of waste. Among these initiatives is the ‘Community Centers Project for the Collection of Recyclable Materials’, which has been successful in diverting over one million kilograms of recyclable materials from the trail since inception, in addition to the projects such as “Sophisticated Waste Collection and Transport System”, “Smart Containers”, and “Electronic Methods and Programs for Tracking Private Sector Companies Engaged in Waste Management.

 The Waste & Recycling MEA Magazine, issued by Media Fusion LLC, organizes the Middle East Waste and Recycling Awards with the aim to promote sustainable development. It primarily focuses on addressing the environmental management issues in the Middle East as well as encouraging institutions and individuals to contribute to environmental preservation and improve waste management in the region.


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