Emirates NBD extends safe banking collaboration with Dubai Police to launch #IWillSurvive campaign

Bank takes lead in encouraging customers to take action and report fraudulent activity

Emirates NBD, a leading banking group in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Türkiye) region, has announced further collaboration with Dubai Police and Leo Burnett to launch a UAE-wide safe banking campaign.

Themed #IWillSurvive, the campaign aims at raising public awareness of cybersecurity and encouraging customers to take action and actively report fraudulent activity or attempts so that more people are aware and remain vigilant. The campaign builds on Emirates NBD’s long-term partnership and advocacy efforts with Dubai Police to create a safer banking environment for UAE customers.

The public service campaign is part of Emirates NBD’s long-term commitment to safe banking, and centres around a shareable, upbeat video adapted to the tune of popular 80s song, ‘I will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, featuring Dubai Police officers and vehicles. The campaign’s eponymous theme song highlights the fraud journey of victims who reported fraud which led to the arrest of scammers. The underlying message of the video is for people and businesses to report fraud – not just the ones they fell victim to, but the attempted ones as well – to banks, the police, and social media platforms. The video also features active participation from Dubai Police staff.

The new campaign follows the success of Emirates NBD’s campaigns on anti-phishing activity in 2021 and the fun and popular #secureyouraccount video which went viral in 2019.

Emirates NBD has pledged to protect customers with programmes, products, and solutions as they carry out digital banking transactions by continuing to strengthen the bank’s robust infrastructure, digital processes and analytics. In addition, the bank organises regular email and SMS campaigns and posts messages across its social media platforms to help customers recognise new scams by fraudsters and stay alert. Useful tips on safeguarding personal information and safe banking practices are prominently displayed on the bank’s website along with frequent pop-up reminders on the bank’s digital platforms.

The bank’s ongoing initiatives remind customers that fraudsters use any means possible including text messages, emails, and calls with links, rewards, and fake messages and urges people to never share their password, or CVV and verify all communication.

The UAE has prevented more than 71 million cyber-attacks in the first three quarters of 2023, according to the UAE Cybersecurity Council.[1] A booming economy and prominence of digital technologies have attracted cyberattacks from actors worldwide. One of the most widespread attacks are on individuals, with the human factor being the cause of more than 80% of hacks in 2022 according to the Verizon’s annual report[2], including in the Middle East. The cost of data breach can be expensive, with the Middle East having the second-highest average total cost of a data breach at USD 8.07 million[3]. Emirates NBD and the Dubai Police, with its e-crime platform, urge customers and businesses alike to report any attempts at cyberattacks.

Abdulla, Qassem, Group Chief Operating Officer, Emirates NBD, said: “As a national banking champion, we are at the forefront of efforts to protect our customers, both individuals and businesses as they achieve their financial objectives. Human error remains among the biggest vulnerabilities for cyberattacks and the awareness that fraud reporting generates will serve as the best defense. Our latest campaign in collaboration with Dubai Police, invites customers to report fraud and act, with the help of a humorous, memorable video.”

Emirates NBD has demonstrated speed and agility in cyber defense, having outperformed 200 teams from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, at the 2022 International Cyber League Competition organised by Cyberbit, provider of the world’s leading cybersecurity skill development platform.

The UAE authorities and Emirates NBD urge members of the public to report suspicious links or emails related to their bank accounts to their respective bank’s call centre and Dubai Police. Emirates NBD customers can contact the bank’s call centre on 600 540000 and Dubai Police through their website: www.ecrime.ae.


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