Etablissements Antoine Massoud Present a Delectable Dinner Event to introduce its two latest plant-based brands, Beyond Meat and Nurishh Cheese @ Orenda Restaurant in Mar Mikhayel.

:  Etablissements Antoine Massoud organized an exclusive dinner event at Orenda restaurant in Mar Mikhayel to launch the delectable Beyond Meat and Nurishh plant-based brands.

The evening showcased a unique culinary experience, featuring a specially curated menu catered by the renowned chef of Orenda restaurant.

The event aimed at introducing these innovative plant-based alternatives to both vegan enthusiasts and food explorers alike.

Guests had the privilege of experiencing an array of mouthwatering and creative vegan dishes which highlighted the versatility and superior taste of Beyond Meat products using Nurishh cheese varieties as well. From sumptuous vegan burgers to hearty plant-based dishes, the culinary team at Orenda surpassed all expectations, delivering an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

As a leading importer and distributor of high-quality products, Etablissements Antoine Massoud accented the avant-garde and pioneering nature of their vegan and plant-based brands during the exquisite dinner.

Gay Mandour, Business Development Manager at EAM, expressed her enthusiasm towards the success of the dinner event. She stated, “We believe that no one should have to compromise on taste, texture, or quality when opting for a plant-based lifestyle. Our partnership with both Beyond Meat and Nurishh cheese allows us to bring revolutionary plant-based alternatives to the market, catering to the needs of the vegan community and beyond. We are proud to pioneer this movement and expand the horizons of plant-based cuisine.”

Plant-based is not a trend, it is a transformation.

An increasing number of consumers are aware of the impact their food choices have with respect to their health, the environment and the challenges implicated by the expansion of the world’s population and the question of how we can feed the world fairly and sustainably.

A Beyond Meat burger, compared to a standard beef burger, uses 99% less water, 93% less land, 90% less GHGE and 46% less energy. Furthermore, a Beyond Burger is free from any GMO, has same calories, same protein level, double the iron and less saturated fat that a standard beef burger. But above all, taste is King.

Etablissements Antoine Massoud’s innovative approach to promoting vegan choices comes at a time when the demand for plant-based products is on the rise due to the big challenges of our times: commitment to the environment, health-conscious consumers, addressing both global resource constraints and improving animal welfare.

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