FDF launches ‘School Bag’ initiative in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent to promote values of solidarity and cooperation

The Family Development Foundation (FDF) launched the ‘School Bag’ initiative in collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent, to foster values of solidarity and cooperation in society and provide support for underprivileged families and groups to improve their living conditions. The initiative is aimed at encouraging effective participation of societies in noble endeavours such as helping the needy and enhancing their quality of life and well-being.

 The initiative falls in line with the Foundation’s strategy to increase involvement of the Hafeet community and other areas of the Jebel Hafeet Community Centre in charitable endeavours, such as preparing school supplies like pens, bags, notebooks, books, and school bags, which can be donated to the children in need. By doing so, the Foundation aims to emphasise the values of sacrifice and giving as well as bolster the community’s role in providing support to underprivileged families.

Additionally, the initiative has an interesting aspect that includes children’s participation in crafting school bags content with their families, to enhance children’s understanding of the value of giving as well as improve family communication. There are also side workshops involved to instil human values and enhance children’s awareness of their key role in helping others and contributing to the society.

 Sanaa Al Suwaidi, Director of the Family Development Foundation centers in Al Ain region, said: “The School Bag initiative” represents the coordinated efforts of the nation’s stakeholders to introduce initiatives, programs, and activities that benefit society. We are committed to promoting the values of generosity and kindness in societies, fostering a culture of giving, and increasing community involvement in various noble endeavours.”

She added: “The Jebel Hafeet Community Centre is a comprehensive development forum that provides a range of services covering various aspects of life. It helps in the creation of a better social environment, provide safe spaces for families, raise awareness, and assist people in acquiring requisite skills and knowledge. It further keeps a close eye on community needs to improve the quality of life. The Centre is renowned for its provision of comprehensive services for extended working hours throughout the day, fostering a safe and conducive environment for the exchange of information and experiences between generations. Through strong collaborations with the community and key partners, the Centre hopes to strengthen community engagement spirit and volunteerism. Additionally, the Centre aims to address the many requirements of the community’s members, improving their ability to take advantage of the resources available and enhance the quality of life and well-being.”

Al Suwaidi stated that the FDF aims to showcase the Jebel Hafeet Community Centre as a perfect illustration of the efforts to accomplish solidarity, enhance cooperation and create a more affluent society through a variety of innovative projects.

She further praised the Emirates Red Crescent for its relentless efforts in empowering and supporting low-income families, as well as for their role in making the initiative a success. She also lauded their constant efforts in encouraging community participation in various noble endeavours, as well as for launching initiatives that promote positive social values and have a significant social impact.


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