HBMSU marks Reading Month 2024 with Letters Forum on a Ramadan evening

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) commemorated National Reading Month 2024 through various interactive Ramadan activities, including the Letters Forum event. The event epitomizes HBMSU’s belief in the transformative power of reading, showcasing its dedication to fostering knowledge acquisition and intellectual growth. Championing the principle of lifelong learning since its inception, HBMSU recognises reading as essential for personal, intellectual, and scientific development. The event also highlighted the profound impact of a reading culture on academic success, scientific research, critical thinking skills, and innovative problem-solving.

 The Letters Forum, organised by Learner Council in cooperation with the Learners Relationship Management Department (LRM), underscored HBMSU’s commitment to provide comprehensive education. The event was designed to promote a reading culture among the University’s learners and help them understand the substantial role of indulging in various kinds of literature in developing their intellectual and personal capabilities. Top of Form

 The event featured various interactive events such as a learner’s debate titled ‘Digital Book vs Paper Books’, insightful discussions with Emirati writers and Ramadan Fawazir Challenge, along with various other activities. Furthermore, the event fostered a sense of community with a Ramadan Suhoor that showcased dishes from the homes of learners.

 The Letters Forum emerged as a pivotal platform to reinforce a sense of community among the learners of HBMSU. By seamlessly integrating its reading initiative with the event, the University fostered intellectual engagement among learners and offered a warm and communal atmosphere during the holy month of Ramadan.


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