Hello Spring 2024, Purificación García

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 29th of January 2024: Everyday life is full of different moments in which we have to choose what to wear.

This is the idea on which PG has been working the new collection. Create a collection of garments that breathe the codes with which the brand identity has been built for years. The intention is to create a recognizable style with personality.

Cube, Origami or 8, appear in garments or accessories leaving notorious its importance and becoming a constant source of inspiration, along with geometry and color. Everything is always combined with neutral tones to maintain a constant balance between them.

Fabrics follow the same rules and remain pure or give free rein to fantasy for the most special moments. The silhouettes are kept light and detached from the body, accentuated in specific areas at the whim of design and pattern, making the volume is a clear representative of the garments of the collection as well as overlays.

The featured bags are Soho, Origami, 8 cut out and Choco. They find their place depending on the time of day and the personality that wears them.

A collection that seeks to be + PG and have its own voice.


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