IAA Lebanon Hall of Fame: 17 advertising personalities inducted

The IAA Lebanon (International Advertising Association) Hall of Fame ceremony was an extraordinary success, marking a memorable occasion to honor the outstanding contributions of 17 personalities from the world of Lebanese advertising. This prestigious event, held at the Casino du Liban, celebrated the creativity, innovation and dedication of these individuals who have significantly shaped the advertising landscape in Lebanon and the Middle East. An atmosphere of achievement and inspiration pervaded the room as award winners or their families received well-deserved recognition for their significant influence on the industry.

The ceremony not only highlighted the remarkable achievements of these advertising giants, but also testified to the vibrant and dynamic spirit of the Lebanese advertising community. Testimonials from families and loved ones added a moving and poignant touch to the ceremony. Singers and dancers enlivened the evening with medleys of famous advertising jingles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, in a colorful and festive atmosphere.

The inductees honored at this inaugural session represent several areas of the advertising business: agencies, media reps., media and advertisers. In his inaugural speech, Naji Boulos, President of IAA Lebanon, emphasized the unique qualities of these advertising giants, whom he described as heroes for having built their reputations and glory during the most difficult times of war, or by emigrating to the Gulf to launch the sector when the region had seen no major development, and for having contributed greatly to its economic boom.

“These are brilliant personalities who have left a significant imprint on our lives, influencing the course of Lebanese and Arab brands, merchants and industrialists. Tonight we celebrate creativity, entrepreneurship and Lebanese genius”, he added.

The 17 honorees are (in alphabetical order): Mustapha Assad, Walid Azzi (1939-2018), Jean-Claude Boulos (1934-2012), Farid Chehab, Antoine Choueiri (1940-2010), Samir Fares (1934-1988), Bernard Fattal (1945-2009), Erwin Guerrovich (1936-2001), Alain Khouri, Akram Miknas, Edmond Moutran (1944-2021), Ramsay G. Najjar (1952-2020), Fouad Pharaon (1904-1967), André Rizk, Ibrahim Tabet, Mounir Takchi (1929-1978), Ghassan Tueni (1926-2012).

The IAA Lebanon Hall of Fame will be an annual event and will see, in the future, other prestigious names added to this class of 2023.

The ceremony, sponsored by Choueiri Group, will be broadcast on LBCI on Saturday, January 10 at 10:00 pm.

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