Inspiring Recovery: Saudi German Hospital Jeddah neurosurgeons remove rare cerebellum tumour from 5-year-old Layal

Neurosurgeons at Saudi German Hospital, Jeddah removed a rare and large tumour in the cerebellum of Layal, a five-year-old girl who arrived at the hospital in critical condition.

Dr. Khaled Gaber, Neurosurgery Consultant at Saudi German Hospital, along with an expert team of neurosurgeons, skilfully removed a 5 x 6 cm tumour, which was diagnosed through an MRI scan. Subsequent MRI scans confirmed the success of the procedure.

Layal underwent a recovery period in intensive care under close medical supervision before being discharged home.

Saudi German Hospital Jeddah has a proven track record of successfully performing tumour surgeries by efficiently leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, experienced surgeons and commitment to the group ethos ‘Caring Like Family’.

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