Introducing Summer Sensations: Hadia Ghaleb’s 2024 Swimwear Collection Hits the Shores, Now Featuring MEN’S Line!

Hadia Ghaleb Label unveiled its third line of trendy swimwear, 2024 Summer Sensations Collection, designed to serve both veiled and unveiled women.

Since its inception in 2022 by the Dubai-based entrepreneur and style influencer Hadia Ghaleb, the brand has aimed to redefine the swimwear industry by offering stylish, inclusive options suitable for diverse cultural, religious, and lifestyle needs.

 The Spring-Summer 2024 collection features six colorful designs totaling twelve swimsuit sets, enhanced by unique accessories like oversized tote bags and instant hijabs, and introduces a new line of men’s swimwear. The collection will be available on the brand’s official website starting May 10th.


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