Introducing Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah: Where Comfort Meets Spiritual Fulfilment

Wirgan Hotels Service is delighted to introduce the exceptional addition to its portfolio – Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah, which has been open for two years in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This distinguished 4-star hotel redefines elegance with 381 meticulously furnished rooms and suites, flawlessly blending comfort and sophistication. Strategically nestled in the heart of the Al Aziziah district, Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah caters to the discerning needs of business travellers and pilgrims, offering proximity to Mina and serving as a haven for Muslims embarking on Umrah and Hajj journeys.

“Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah transcends being a mere hotel; it stands as a sanctuary of hospitality and spiritual enrichment. Our paramount goal is to create an environment aligned with our guests’ aspirations. Rooted in benevolence and continuous advancement, we strive to craft an inviting and accommodating haven,” says Murad Alsabah, Cluster General Manager of Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah.

Situated at King Khalid Road, Al Aziziah, Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah aspires to cultivate relationships built on effective communication and a profound sense of belonging. Every facet of guests’ journeys is of utmost concern, spanning elegant accommodations to the seamless facilitation of their spiritual and physical well-being during sacred rituals.

“Guided by the timeless allure of Wirgan, our hotel encapsulates the magnificence and resilience of Arabia. It offers an exceptional journey, seamlessly fusing grace and spirituality. Alsabah emphasizes, “Our commitment to establishing an oasis of tranquillity and comfort is evident in our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering professionalism.”

  • Within the realm of Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah, the rooms and suites epitomize our unwavering commitment to crafting a serene retreat. Each space is thoughtfully designed, uniting modern amenities with tranquillity and practicality. The Superior Rooms, for instance, present a serene sitting area, efficient workspace, and a refined bathroom.
  • For families, the Junior Suites offer a comfortable sitting area, a well-appointed workspace, a private bathroom, and a smart TV. These suites also provide minibar, ironing facilities, electronic safe, tea/coffee-making facilities, and seamless high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the premises.
  • The culinary experience at Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah marries traditional Arabian and Asian cuisines with an exquisite twist, showcased at our on-site restaurant. Situated along the renowned Al Aziziah Road, this elegant dining destination exudes regal charm while tantalizing taste buds with a fusion of flavours.
  • Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah boasts spacious and well-equipped meeting rooms, ideal for various types of gatherings. These venues come equipped with high-speed Internet, projectors, whiteboards, and flipcharts, ensuring seamless event planning. Whether for intimate gatherings or large-scale conferences, our versatile spaces guarantee successful and productive meetings.
  • Our on-site café is an enticing array of coffee blends and freshly crafted light snacks. Perfect for unwinding after meetings or spiritual pursuits like Umrah and Hajj, the café offers an inviting ambience and a selection of refreshments.
  • A notable feature is the expansive prayer room that accommodates over 400 individuals, including women. Located on the PR floor, the prayer room bathes in natural light, fostering a serene atmosphere for worship performing prayers peacefully and reverently.

Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah stands as a testament to Wirgan Hotel’s dedication to unparalleled hospitality and an unwavering commitment to creating an environment that caters to the holistic needs of its guests. From facilitating seamless spiritual journeys to fostering an atmosphere of relaxation, this establishment embodies the essence of comfort and purpose.


For more information or reservations, kindly reach out to:

Wirgan Makkah Al Aziziah:

Location: King Khalid Road, Al Aziziah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: 00966 12 553 9171

Email: [email protected]

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