Italian Cultural Institute of Beirut Presents: “Tools For After Design” Exhibition in Celebration of Italian Design Day

The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC), the Sursock Palace Association and ALBA-Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts present the exhibition entitled “Tools For After – Design” (TFA Design) in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Beirut and the Italian Trade Agency in the framework of the VIII edition of Italian Design Day (IDD) in the World.

Sursock Palace will be hosting Tools For After from March 14th till April 7th. Focusing on the innovation of design culture in Italy, the exhibition is divided into four thematic sections:

In “LYFE: Objects with a Soul,” the concept of life is reexamined, drawing inspiration from astrobiologists Stuart Barlett and Michael Wong’s notion of “lyfe” to showcase the presence of living elements in everyday objects such as animals and plants, challenging conventional perceptions of existence.

“PALEO: Echoes of Prehistoric Influence” delves into the enduring impact of prehistoric dynamics on contemporary culture, emphasizing humanity’s intrinsic connection to its primal origins and highlighting mobility, agility, and communal storytelling as fundamental aspects of human nature.

In “TOOLS: Imagining Changes Reality,” the transformative power of imagination is showcased through inventions, strategies, and alternative materials, demonstrating how creative thinking drives innovation across various domains.

Finally, “MAPS: Navigating Boundaries and Beyond” explores mapping as a tool for understanding and transcending boundaries, examining its role in shaping perceptions of space, fostering exploration, communication, and cultural exchange, and prompting viewers to reconsider their relationship with the world through cartographic lenses.

Tools for After Design epitomizes Italian innovation and ingenuity, spotlighting over 44 meticulously curated objects crafted by a new generation of designers. These objects serve as a testament to their creators’ visionary proposals, pioneering materials, and strategic approaches to shaping a sustainable future. Developed in partnership with esteemed design institutions, universities, designers and private companies and many more across Italy, the exhibition confronts the pressing inquiries posed by the Anthropocene era: What role must design play amidst contemporary environmental challenges?

Far more than a mere display of aesthetically pleasing Italian design, Tools for After goes beyond conventional boundaries to present a spectrum of ideas, solutions, alternative materials, and technologies that extend beyond the current paradigm.

It challenges the philosophy of mass consumption, programmed obsolescence, and industrialized production, advocating instead for a return to the essence of human creativity, curiosity, and ecological consciousness. The showcased objects embody a forward-thinking ethos, rooted in a profound understanding of our biological heritage and a commitment to sustainable living.

In addition to products, there are cutting-edge prototypes, projects, scenarios and proposals which tackle sustainability challenges. It also presents selected projects by students from schools of design and architecture, representing the proposals of the new generation of future designers.

One of the distinguished guest speakers is expected to be Francesca Parotti, whose insights promise to enrich the dialogue surrounding sustainable design practices and the future of creativity in the Anthropocene age.

Director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Beirut, Angelo Gioè said about the exhibition in a statement: “Future has changed. Tools For After is a laboratory of ideas for drawing a collective map of the Anthropocene imaginary, a collaborative exploration of solutions and ways of dealing with daily practice, it is an appeal to utopia to build a survival manual for future generations. TFA calls to Italian creativity to answer questions that concern the entire planet, involving sectors in which Italy is internationally recognized for the style and originality of its proposals. From designing villages on the Moon and Mars to studying new materials, Italy is at the forefront of beauty as well as innovation.”

Tools For After – Design Exhibition promises to be a captivating convergence of creativity, sustainability, and forward-thinking design philosophy. We cordially invite members of the press, design enthusiasts, and the public to join us in this cultural event based on Italian excellence and collective commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.





Tools for After – Design:

14 March – 07 April 2024

Sursock Palace, Sursock Street, St Nicolas, Beirut

Opening event – Thursday 14 March

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