JETOUR’s ‘Enjoy the Journey, Embrace the World’ highlights new possibilities in market at Beijing Auto Show

JETOUR, the leading Chinese SUV brand tailored to market trends and consumer needs, presented it’s ‘Enjoy the Journey, Embrace the World’ themed global press conference during the highly anticipated Beijing Auto Show. Since its establishment and elevation to an independent brand with fully autonomous operations across R&D, procurement, marketing, production and qualification, JETOUR has dedicated itself to becoming a leader in the ‘ automotive market segment, further solidifying its vision of ‘Travel+’.

Harnessing Industry Trends for Global Expansion

The Chinese automotive industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with the rising export volume playing a pivotal role in this expansion. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), China’s automotive exports soared to a record high of 4.91 million units in 2023, marking a 57.9 per cent increase from 2022. This surge reflects the growing global demand for made-in-China vehicles, driven by their reputation for quality, affordability and technological advancements.

In line with its strategy for global expansions, JETOUR has been following this trend. By designing vehicles that cater to family and off-road travel, JETOUR has achieved a remarkable global sales volume of 1.1 million units within 68 months since its first product launch, garnering a customer base of over 45 million worldwide. This ‘JETOUR Speed’ has set an industry benchmark, with a year-on-year sales increase of 75 per cent in 2023, reaching a cumulative annual sales volume of 315,167 units, making it the fastest-growing SUV brand in China. Since 2019, JETOUR has expanded into over 50 countries and regions, leading in Angola, Uruguay, Ecuador and other markets.

Consumer Trends Fuelling Best-Selling Products

A report by McKinsey & Company forecasts that the global SUV market will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.2 per cent between 2020 and 2030, fuelled by factors such as rising disposable incomes, increasing urbanisation and a growing desire for adventure travel. This trend is particularly strong in emerging markets, where SUVs and off-road vehicles are seen as status symbol and practical for navigating challenging terrains.

JETOUR’s family-oriented off-road travel products, especially the X70 and X90 series, have matured in the international market, attributing to its ability to address these specific needs and preferences. It also launched JETOUR DASHING across various global markets, which quickly became a best-selling model in the segment in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, JETOUR T2, the brand’s first off-road travel product, became an instant hit in the Chinese market, breaking the 10,000-unit sales milestone in its third month and setting a record for the fastest sales growth in its category. Following its international launch in Dubai, UAE, in January 2024, the T2 is set to be introduced to more markets worldwide.

Embracing Off-Road Adventures and Electrified Mobility

Simultaneously, JETOUR is pushing the envelope with its technological ingenuity, particularly with the Super Hybrid Off-Road Platform and the Super-Hybrid i-DM system. These innovations showcase JETOUR’s edge in scalability, new energy adaptation, and intelligent driving, combined with an integrated electronic and electrical architecture. JETOUR is using these developments to engineer narratives of exploration and adventure in addition to producing automobiles. It is pushing people towards a future where each journey has the same significance as its destination.

In line with strategic planning, JETOUR is also accelerating the development of right-hand drive models, aiming to enter right-hand markets between 2023 and 2024. As global demands for carbon peaking and neutrality rise, JETOUR is proactively positioning its plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) models within its Super Hybrid and E0X high-performance electric platforms, meeting various market requirements for fuel consumption and emissions.

The T-series, including T1, T2, T5, and the robust T7, encapsulates JETOUR’s future in off-road capabilities. The T1 positions itself as an A+ level plug-in hybrid SUV that blends comfort, energy efficiency, and style. Its 1.5TGDI+1DHT PHEV platform is complemented by a fashionable boxy design language, a spacious interior including a 2-meter bed in the rear, and a 6.6kW bi-directional power supply. The T2, set for international launch, is an off-road travel super hybrid SUV equipped with a high-energy battery from CATL, exemplifying efficiency and safety. It offers a week of fuel-free commuting, class-leading pure electric range, and a bi-directional power supply for unparalleled self-driving travel experiences.

The T5, tailored for off-road enthusiasts, features a robust frame, a 2.0TGDI hybrid-specific engine, and a platform that ensures strong off-road capabilities and high energy regeneration. The model caters to both challenging terrains and comfortable urban commutes.

The T7, with its full-size SUV dimensions, measuring nearly 5.5 meters in length and a wheelbase surpassing 3 meters, is engineered on a non-monocoque platform, featuring a 2.0T REEV+ powertrain with distributed vector four-wheel motors and a full-time intelligent adjustable suspension that ensures hardcore off-road performance. Its ‘black technology’ includes amphibious capabilities, an intelligent diffusion oxygen supply system, and a biochemical life cabin, along with an armoured body with bulletproof capacity.

The Distinctiveness of JETOUR’s Brand Philosophy

At the core of JETOUR’s narrative remains the brand’s ‘Travel+’ philosophy, a unique strategic approach that has catapulted the brand to prominence. Focusing on consumer-centric design and research, JETOUR has adeptly tapped into users’ travel aspirations, creating vehicles that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Ke ChuanDeng, Vice President of JETOUR Auto said, “Travel knows no boundaries, and neither does JETOUR’s future. In an era of rapidly advancing automotive technology and evolving consumer desires, JETOUR is not just offering a vehicle, it is promoting a lifestyle in line with its ‘Travel+’ philosophy.”

With a theme of ‘Enjoy the journey, Embrace the world’, JETOUR is not just unveiling a series of innovative travel-friendly vehicles; it is extending an invitation to the world to join in an adventure that transcends distances and cultures. JETOUR continues to navigate the path of global exploration with confidence, delivering vehicles that promise not only a journey but a story worth telling.


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