Join Chef Marwan during his culinary journey through Dubai in ‘The Kitchen with Chef Marwan Sardouk’ on Fatafeat

Get ready for an extraordinary culinary journey as ‘The Kitchen with Chef Marwan Sardouk’ makes its debut on Warner Bros. Discovery’s largest Arabic food network, Fatafeat, on November 21. Chef Marwan invites viewers to join him on an enchanting exploration through Dubai’s rich and diverse culinary landscape. This eight-episode series takes you beyond the dining room and into the heart of some of the city’s most exceptional dining establishments.

This gastronomic adventure presents an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of kitchens, revealing aspects people are often unaware of. Chef Marwan emphasizes the pivotal role operations play in the outcome and the tremendous effort invested in each dish, but every kitchen has a hidden story that remains untold. He meets several chefs like Chef Ariana, who leads Ariana’s Persian Kitchen, and Chef Tom Allen and Chef Heston Blumenthal, who run Dinner By Heston. They welcome him into their kitchen and show him what makes their restaurants unique.

‘The Kitchen with Chef Marwan Sardouk’ is a must-watch for food enthusiasts and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the culinary world. Don’t miss an episode of this culinary journey on Fatafeat, starting on November 21 at 12:00 PM KSA time. ‘The Kitchen with Chef Marwan Sardouk’ is also available for catch-up on discovery+ via STARZPLAY and stc tv/Jawwy TV.

The featured restaurants:

  • KATA restaurant (Japanese Kitchen): viewers are brought to the heart of KATA, an extraordinary restaurant nestled in The Dubai Mall and will witness the unique blend of culinary excellence and modern creativity that defines this hidden gem.
  • Dinner By Heston (Michelin Star Kitchen): This restaurant is merging historical British flavours with a modern twist and is under the guidance of visionary head chef Tom Allen and culinary genius chef Heston Blumenthal.
  • Right Bite (Meal Plan Kitchen): take a fascinating journey through the culinary world of meal planning, specifically exploring the inner workings of Right Bite, a restaurant where meal planning transcends into an art form (2 episodes).
  • Lowe (Green Michelin Star restaurant): go behind the closed doors of the renowned Michelin Green Star restaurant Lowe, a culinary institution passionately committed to sustainability.
  • Fatafeat (Studio Kitchen): Discover the secrets of the behind-the-scenes magic of food cinematography in Fatafeat’s studio.
  • Ariana’s Persian Kitchen (Persian Kitchen): A place that’s nominated for a Michelin Star and where contemporary dining meets authentic Persian cuisine, led by chef Ariana.
  • Talabat (Cloud Kitchens): Explore the world of cloud kitchens where a culinary revolution is happening, led by Talabat.


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