L’AFSHAR Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

For the brand’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection, Founder & Designer, Lilian Afshar, was set on exploring and redefining her bags with a new set of techniques that could be done to the acrylic material but still in keeping with the identity of the brand. Lilian stays true to her origins, with her inspiration being from her home country, Iran. Her bags continuously embody the Persian sense of glamour with their reflective and iridescent nature, allowing the wearer to feel that they are
carrying a unique and rare jewel by their side, which shines and reflects light as they walk by.

A further development to the collection includes the addition of more embellishments such as new crystal handles on the already loved ‘Leon’ bags, as well as launching the ‘Etta’ bag which is L’AFSHAR’s first ever brass clutch. The Italian craftsmanship of the ‘Karla’ satin wristlet and the dazzling ‘Mini Caro’ bag which combines both acrylic and brass mediums ooze richness, incorporating exquisite rhinestones and crystals, resonating with an uncut gem. Though the bags are of a distinct size, they continue to symbolize strength, sophistication, and beauty, which continues to stand the test of time.

L’AFSHAR continues to represent sustainability in their craftsmanship with unique attention to detail in which the bags are produced. The Spring Summer 2024 collection smoothly transitions from previous collections, though adding in new materials and designs that portray individuality and versatility. Lilian was particularly inspired by various vintage art deco compact cases for this collection which was a pivotal moment in drafting out this next step for L’AFSHAR bags. This is
notable in the distinct patterning of the ‘Lou Lou’ and ‘Leon Ava’ bag to name a few.

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