LAUMC- Rizk Hospital Inspires Hope and Celebrates Life on World

In commemoration of World Cancer Day, LAUMC-RH hosted a remarkable event themed “Celebrating Life & Hope”. The day was dedicated to spreading awareness, fostering unity, and honoring the resilience of patients affected by cancer.

Dr. Hady Ghanem, the head of the Hematology-Oncology division, not only led the event but also gave a warming welcome to the audience. In his opening remarks, he emphasized the crucial role of hope and solidarity in the fight against all type of cancers. Dr. Ghanem’s emotional words set the tone for a day that was full of inspiration and courage, as he guided participants through a meaningful and uplifting experience.

During the occasion, the significance of art therapy took center stage as two distinguished special guests led painting and art activities, underscoring its unique importance. Through these creative endeavors, invitees, including patients, wholeheartedly embraced the therapeutic potential of artistic expression.

Music was showcased as attendees were treated to a performance by Dr. Ghanem, staff, and patients, who shared their talent and passion through the songs. The performances demonstrated the resilience of individuals confronting the challenges of cancer, highlighting that life, celebration, and hope can coexist even in the face of adversity.

A heartfelt roundtable discussion gave cancer patients an opportunity to express their unique messages of hope. Their stories of determination and bravery demonstrated how crucial it is to encourage community building and support among those battling cancer.

The “Celebrating Life & Hope” event at LAUMC-RH not only shed a light on the journey of cancer survivors but also emphasized the vital role of collective support and inspiration in overcoming the disease. People left with a fresh sense of hope at the end of the day, reinforced by the community and hospital’s devotion and shared experiences.

Reiterating its commitment to healing with compassion, LAUMC-RH is persistent in its pursuit of increasing cancer awareness, treatment, and support.


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