Launching at Clinique La Prairie: The World’s Most Advanced Brain Enhancement Programme

Clinique La Prairie, leading pioneer in longevity and world-renowned health destination, is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Brain Potential Programme’, the world’s most advanced brain enhancement programme to date.

Years of research have culminated in the development of ‘Brain Potential’, a brand-new 7 day programme that offers a holistic approach to wellness through the combination of cutting-edge technologies and Clinique La Prairie’s unique medical expertise. Integrating science-based assessments and interventions across four pillars; medical-genetics, nutrition, wellbeing, and movement, the programme slows cognitive decline, enhances brain performance, manages stress, builds resilience, and supports the gut-brain axis.

The reality of brain ageing

Life is a journey of continuous changes. The brain is no exception – with age, our brain undergoes certain modifications. In today’s fast-paced world, where demands on cognitive abilities are higher than ever, performance and longevity rely heavily on good brain health. However, modern lifestyle often includes habits detrimental to both general health and brain health long-term, such as insufficient sleep, high levels of stress and consuming suboptimal nutrients.

Recognising this, Clinique La Prairie’s Brain Potential programme is designed to address these challenges through protecting and enhancing the brain’s overall health.

Preventing decline and unlocking the brain’s full potential 

The new programme focuses on two goals – preventing brain decline and optimising brain function, which are achieved through the below comprehensive assessments:

Medical assessments including genetic screening, MRI brain scans and stress profiling

Cognitive evaluation followed by the brain training method, known for its scientifically proven benefits

Mental and physical wellbeing assessments, delving deep into perceived stress, the state of happiness, and subjective well-being

Body analysis tools and assessments to enhance sensory and perceptual abilities through targeted training exercises

Specific health parameters such as inflammatory markers, a complete fatty acids profile, screenings for heavy metals, and cardiovascular assessments

Interventions and exclusive neuro-active boosters

Following the assessments, guests will experience personalised interventions aimed to create optimal conditions for excellent brain performance. These interventions encompass cognitive and visuospatial training, resistance training, breathing techniques for cardiac synchronization, exposure to low-frequency continuous stimulation with AudioVitality® sound sessions to promote sleep and relaxation, as well as a neuronutrition intervention approach.

The programme is complemented by neuro-active boosting formulas, cellular nutrigenomic supplements, and a sleep & relaxation complex. These products have been meticulously developed by Clinique La Prairie’s experts to protect and support brain structure.

Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie says: “We are so pleased to be at the forefront of this new and advanced understanding of brain health. Our Brain Potential programme encapsulates our dedication to nurturing the aspirations of guests who seek to embrace life’s full potential, like never before. With proactive cutting-edge technology, Clinique La Prairie’s experts can help our guests optimise their cognitive wellbeing and transform their understanding around brain and all factors linked to it.”


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