Legislative Week 2023 unfolds with Legislative Laboratory exploring strategies for aligning legislation with swift technological advances

The activities of Legislative Week 2023, organised by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC), continued at the SLC’s premises and at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library. The second day of the event featured the ‘Legislative Laboratory,’ a unique platform designed to explore innovative approaches for upgrading the legislative system and methods of aligning legislation with fast-paced technological advancements.

The ‘Legislative Laboratory’ comprised a series of sessions delving into three main themes, namely ‘Technology, Politics, and Legislation,’ ‘Technology and Knowledge Transfer,’ and ‘Technology and Administrative Burdens.’

These sessions discussed several topics, including the legal relationship between individuals and operators of digital, technological, and electronic systems; authorisations to access personal data via technical systems and applications; legal principles hindering the regulation of dispositions and transactions introduced through technological advancements; and the process for issuance of legislation governing experimental technological applications in specific sectors.

 The ‘Legislative Laboratory’ sessions also underscored the opportunities offered by digital transformation to enhance legal and judicial work. They emphasised the instrumental role of technology in devising innovative policies and legislation that anticipate global shifts, aiming to achieve leadership across various domains.

Furthermore, the sessions of the ‘Legislative Laboratory’ focused on evaluating the adequacy of the legislation in force in Dubai for ensuring the seamless and confidential handling of information circulated through digital and electronic systems. The discussions also explored the anticipated roles of governments, companies, and institutions in addressing challenges associated with rapid technological advancements, emphasising the need for forging collaborative partnerships to keep pace with global transformations.

 H.E. Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, stated that the ‘Legislative Laboratory’ serves as a distinct platform for charting the course for the future of legislative work and exploring opportunities for enhancing legislative infrastructure. Al Muhairi reaffirmed the importance of adapting to the swift advancements in today’s world, particularly in the domain of technology, which has emerged as a pivotal catalyst for progress and a transformative instrument for refining operational mechanisms and institutional systems.

Al Muhairi further highlighted that the sessions of the ‘Legislative Laboratory’ as well as the other events of the umbrella of the flagship event- the Legislative Week, offer an expansive platform for enriching legal knowledge and fostering the exchange of ideas and expertise among legal professionals. “The Legislative Week facilitates an in-depth analysis of the legislative ecosystem and its implications on the economic and societal aspects.,” Al Muhairi added, accentuating the event’s primary focus on demonstrating the pivotal role of a robust legislative system in advancing Dubai’s global leadership and establishing a more adaptable, sustainable, and diversified economic model.

The Legislative Week reflects the unwavering commitment of the SLC to supporting the vision and strategy of the Emirate of Dubai in the development of legislative and regulatory frameworks supporting the Dubai sustainable development drive and enhancing Dubai’s economic competitiveness and readiness for future challenges.

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