LG Electronics (LG) announces the global launch of its innovative new AI-equipped front-loader washer and dryer. Offering a smart and convenient user experience, the company’s latest laundry solutions deliver energy efficiency, advanced AI functionality, and an understated design underpinned by a commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Laundry Solutions with Energy Efficiency

LG’s new washer and dryer boast excellent energy efficiency, providing an impressive energy rating of A-40 percent1 and A+++-15 percent2, respectively. The company’s latest washer not only saves energy but also helps to cut down on detergent usage thanks to the clever ezDispense™ feature,3 which automatically dispenses the right amount for each load (based on load size). To lower carbon emissions during operation, the dryer employs R290, a refrigerant known for its low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Minimalist Design for Reduced Environmental Impact

The design of LG’s new laundry solutions presents a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic that blends in seamlessly with traditional and modern décor. Lowering per-unit resource consumption, neither appliance features any chrome-plating on their doors or knobs, while both incorporate control panels that require fewer components and processes to make. Moreover, LG’s washer and dryer – with their distinctive ‘flat’ design – were honorees at the prestigious iF Design Award 2024.

Advanced AI Features for Protecting Clothes

For smarter laundry management, LG’s innovative washer offers the convenience and effectiveness of the new AI Wash setting. AI Wash, which leverages the company’s Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Direct Drive™ Motor and 6 Motion™ technology, selects the optimal wash motions based on fabric type,4 providing fabric protection to extending the lifespan of clothing.5 The Microplastic Care Cycle, which is preinstalled on new washer, prevents the shedding of up to 60 percent of microplastic material from garments. The specialized cycle can help users contribute to the reduction of microplastic pollution in the water supply.6

Just as smart as the new washer, LG’s upgraded dryer comes with AI Dry, which detects laundry weight, fabric type, and moisture levels to improve drying performance. 7 Drying time and temperature are automatically adjusted to deliver excellent results for various kinds of clothing and materials. For instance, the dryer reduces cycle length for quick-drying delicate fabrics, while increasing both time and temperature for clothes that tend to retain moisture. This tailored approach avoids over-drying, preserving fabrics and keeping clothes from aging prematurely.

The dryer’s DUAL Inverter HeatPump™ compressor also contributes to a reduction in drying times (compared to non-heat pump dryers).8 It is LG’s efficient and powerful compressor tech that enables the time-saving TurboDry™ feature, which, in combination with the washers’ TurboWash™ 360 feature, lets users complete their laundry faster – freeing up valuable time for more enjoyable activities.

Convenient and Customized Laundry Experience

Featuring an intuitive digital dial control/LCD display, the new washer and dryer guarantee a truly convenient and customized laundry experience. LG’s intelligent appliances learn which cycles the user most commonly selects, and these appear first on the LCD display for quick access.

With the Cycle & Option Optimization feature, LG’s latest laundry solutions remember the cycles and options that are used most frequently, organizing them for easy access and streamlining the process of getting the washing done.

 “Boasting cutting-edge AI technology, LG’s new washer and dryer deliver excellent energy efficiency, low-impact minimalist design and a more convenient laundry experience,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “With our industry-leading core technologies, we will continue to develop innovative home appliances that help make life better for our global customers.”


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