Liban Cables Launches an Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign to raise awareness on the risks posed by counterfeit cables.

Liban Cables, a Nexans company, the leading provider of advanced cabling systems, solutions and innovative services, launched a 360° Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign aimed at raising awareness on the risks of using counterfeit cables. This strategic endeavor, specifically addressing the escalating danger of counterfeit cables, underlines Liban Cables commitment to deliver safe and high-quality products.

In the face of a rising tide of counterfeit cables, threatening safety and reputation, Liban Cables demonstrates its determination to protect its customers from potentially harmful, substandard products. This disturbing trend is a prevalent issue in Lebanon, that has been intensified over the past three years and imposed a major threat. When it comes to counterfeit and substandard cables, the most important risk is cheating on the quantity of copper, which can have dramatic consequences. By reducing the diameter of the copper conductor, counterfeit cables can become abnormally hot when current is passed through them and cause a overcharge and a fire outbreak.

Innovative measures and technologies supporting consumers safety and experience

As part of its strategy of providing value-added services to its customers, Liban Cables by Nexans unveils a state-of-the-art technology integrated to the Nexans app, available for iOS and Android. By adopting the mobile authentication technology, customers or distributors can scan and verify the authenticity of a product with any smartphone.

“This cutting-edge solution empowers consumers to easily identify authentic cables, providing unmatched protection against the risks of counterfeit products. Embracing the anti-counterfeiting campaign actively contributes to fostering a safer and more secure environment.” said Raja Melki, Marketing Manager at Liban Cables.

Alongside with our innovative initiatives, Liban Cables launches a dedicated hotline service 81 259 384.

This strategic action helps connect with our audience, ensuring a clear channel to address and comprehend their concerns. Moreover, it leads to engage legal actions against counterfeit materials.

In partnering with local judiciary authorities, Liban Cables have started successful counterfeit legal actions in specific regions, and are expanding all over Lebabon.

By launching innovative measures and technologies, Liban Cables is confirming its position as an industry pioneer devoted to consumer safety and the continual enhancement of the customer experience.

An open call to stakeholders: Join Liban Cables in the battle against counterfeiting, shaping a marketplace where authenticity and safety prevail.


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